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GLOBALMEGFEST 2020 Lille One day 3 battles . I first encountered Pierre-Alexandre's Late Sarmatians

I used a Late carthaginian army under Hannibal's legendary command . An army I had painted more than 2 years ago but never used . PA's army had a Quadi ally some fearsome DC + short spear ..impact would be important . I outscouted him by 80 %

On the above picture taken from the Sarmatian side, you can notice a heavy left flank ( 2 lancers being sup ) which I countered with some galant gallic cavalry ( one unit of 4 ) and the dreaded numidian light horse. The brown terrain is rough, so one of my warbands is holding it to protect the flank .

A better view of both armies

He quickly threatens my weak right flank . His lancers are average, but by 6 and the 2 rear lancers are SUP .

He also threatens my right flank and I choose to go forward with the african long spears SUP

He charges my Gallic cavalry but I just fled . Anther gallic cavalry can be seen at the bottom waiting . All my cavalry is by 4 and average .

On the other flank he poushes and loose a base !hurray for the numidians

Oups that might be difficult to explain back home ( my right flank ). Notice the rightmost lance has a new wound .I am retreating towards rough ground and keep 3 lancers units busy

I think he wants me dead

But as you can see warband did get out of the bushes and might charge the lancers in the flank ...and guess who is the phasing player ME . He will try to catch me with another lancer unit ..but the campanian legionnaries you can see on the left of the warband will intercept the lancers ...

The short story will be that he will not catch the fleeing gallic unit. the numidians will continue to kill the lancers and kill the TUG . the warband will devastate the lancers with some help from the sooty numidians and tha campanians will survive the charge and manage to kill the lancers and angage the warband ..yes some lucky dice.

On the other flank he charged a bit too far and I manage to come to his flank ..and it is my phasing turn, same as turn as the other flank where they were so many charges . His lancers will survive the impact but he had no cards to turn so at melee he died .

My spearmen going in vs the warbands with the help of balearic slingers or Hannibal i-to the front !

I will also charge his lancers with the spearmen and kill all to the front 15-0 ...

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