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GENEVA part 3

Next I would face Roger's Late Vedic army, many chariots, bowmen some SUP and of course a few nellies.

I decided I would need some terrain as I would be outnumbered. I managed to choose my terrain but would be outscouted by 20 %

I knew that I had to beat him if I wanted to win the Geneva event and Roger was also in position to win the contest so there would be a fight.

Cold but sunny sunday . A mountain in the center of my deployment zone would help and some rough terrain on a side would help too. Roger to my surprise also went for terrain which was unexpected considering his numerous chariotry . I know he can dismount but still I had not expected that.

He unexpectedly deployed his chariots in a long line and some in rough terrain.

I was ready and sorry no more pictures of that game we were really in the game.

Roger would come to me and tempt me to charge his shooty chariots but I refused and was prepared to shoot at him as he came one rank deep so would shoot on black and I on white .So he charged . I will win and kill 2 of his chariotry TUGS, kill the nellies and by pursuing his chariots impact and kill a skilled bow TUG so would get 10 points. I will loose an infantry TUG on the mountain and an average cavalry TUG so 10-6 for me

Next I was to face Antoine a new Belgian player who used a Nobunaga jaopaese army.

I managed to ouscout him and get a plain so he got all disadvantages.

So he deployed very defensively using a rough terrain hill as an anchor .

I deployed in a long shooty line with my cavalry concentrated on a mobile flank .

Here we go some skilled shooters advancing

The cavalry covers the flank

Everything is ready so it would soon start raining arrows here and there . Under that storm his army will start to dissolve and his attempts at melee will not be remarkably successful. Still he will break one of my TUGs so it ends 15-2 and I win the event .

It was mostly a combination of good luck and terrain.

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