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GENEVA part 2

Dernière mise à jour : 1 mars 2023

This time I would face a Cimmerian mounted biblical shooty army under Huub's leadership. This one should not be too difficult for my army. Cimmerians are mobile but need to come to me and I have pavise and shoot at 4 MU while they shoot at 3 MU

So He wanted a plain, got a plain but with some protected flanks and one piece of rough terrain only but at a very strategic emplacement

I still wonder what his cavalry was doing in skirmish formation in the woods but so it is . His army was supposed to be very mobile . So I went forward with my poor footsloggers , loose order behind pavise.

One unit of enemy horses is going away after have met the immortals. I was ready to face his allied Thracian infantry in terrain and then he surprised me by sending his SUP cavalry in rough terrain .

My infantry is pushing his skirmishers back and I am readying to attack his SUP nobles

A little bit of shooting first to make the targets more soft

The SUP TUG will die under heavy concentrated firing . I still do not know what those guys were doing there except target practice

Pushing his skirmishers out of the way

Nearing the end of the battle . I will kill a few units by combination of shooting and charging as he will not skirmish far enough . His nobles will die under fire, impact and KAB tests but I will not be able to break his army so 10-2 for me

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