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GENEVA 02/23

Geneva is a small open MEG event run by Roger Pitfield. Usually 6 players . Thanks to covid there were 5 of us.

For the first game I played the fearsome Anglo-Irish under Hammy's leadership .

That would be a difficult one for my Early Achaemenid Persians, Royal army but terrain would tip the balance in my favour .

A mountain on the left side of the picture and a rocky ground would greatly reduce the threat of his SUP CL who could have shattered my infantry rather easily .

As usual for Hammy, lots of skirmishers, not as many as in his Libyan army but a lot for a medieval one !

That's where the battle will happen and be decided

Interesting moves

Hammy is preparing his attack a combined powerbow and lancers push . Very efficient. Too many people ignore the power of combined arms.

So Hammy is nearly ready and I only reacted to his move waiting patiently . A lack of coloured cards has slowed me down and part of my cavalry is stuck far to the rear but my exceptional and superiors are ready

So now time to charge. he had not expected my infantry charge and I had not expected his 3 wounds on 3 shooty white dice but so it is.

If you look on the left side of the picture , you will notice a first unintended effect but hammy did not have the space to advance and outflank me with his leftmost (on the picture ) lancers

My initial charge was not very victorious

But melees were better except for my infantry

So my mounted will break his lancers and the adjacent powerbow unit while he would break my infantry. His routing infantry will destroy the rear SUG and we had reached the end of the game so 7-4 an unexpected result for me. Terrain and bold assault were what was needed .

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