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EMEGC 2023 Day one continues

Now I was to face Ioannis Fasoulas one of the top Greek players and his feared Achean Trojan war army.

I was tired, my glasses were broken ( a branch just broke ) but I had won initiative and outscouted him heavily. I went for an open terrain and was surprised to see him doing the same. I had expected more terrain and dismounted charioteers .

He deployed his dreaded heroes in a concentration of thousands of chariots !

His infantry line going to the coast . The hoplites in the center and Achilles and his 6 myrmidons having the job of linking hoplites and common

achean infantry.

My elite mounted branch would accept the challenge with the help of my Immortals

I refused the other flank and would use my Iranians to slow Achilles and his friends .

My exceptional cavalry is in the center with the legendary CIC . My other cavalry TUG is SUP as are the chariots .

Meanwhile the Iranians do play a very dangerous game

I had not expected the Greek charioteers to stand but so they did and the fight is on

But my immortals were soon to be engaged by Pylian chariotry . The race was on !

I would not be able to protect the flank of my applebearers for much longer . My mounted are facing LS !

Slowly the achean infantry comes, slowly the persian retreat

So the heroic achean charioteers died with their boots on and the achean line is turned .My immortals do suffer but being immortals they will be soon reborn !

So what happens here ! My mounted are killing LS lydian hoplites but Achilles will turn my flank and the immortals will soon be reborn ! Achilles will crush my applebearers while my mounted will crush the Pylian chariotry ad the last pylian LS TUG in the same charge . His army breaks but he will have killed 2 of my TUGS an Iranian cavalry and the applebearers .

Meanwhile my left flank was doing some less stressful work .So from memory 15-4 and frankly I did not expect that result .

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