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Consul Huub's Mid-Republican meet some unknown Early Seleucid general

Huub has discovered the pleasure of drilled infantry and is testing once again Mid-Republican with Attalid Pergame ally. The Early Seleucid had no ally .

I have poste the 2 army lists but as downlaodable files as I did not find how to put them as a picture ..I keep trying

Mid-Republican-Romans-with-Attalid-Pergamene-Allies (1)
Télécharger PDF • 2.54MB
Early Seleucid
Télécharger PDF • 850KB

The Seleucid army was outscouted by 30% ! The Romans also went for an open terrain and the seleucid managed some rough ground and a very well placed rough field . The romans had won initiative and decided to defend . The seleucid genral decided to mass his lancers on one flank as he knew where the enemy LS were and also could no understand what the enemy cretan archers were doing far away on the roman's right flank ! As you will see the romans will be out of the real battle till the end . Notice the eternal holy cofee mug !

The white shields facing the rough field are the thracians DC + melee expert . A key tUG in this battle. next to them the silver shields, the SUP phalanx .

The roman left flank

And the rest of the roman line ( I should find a way to change the light on that part of the table )

So what happens here ! I forgot to take some pictures ! My thracians went in the field you see on the left . The romans responded a bit too quick by pushing forward his roman cavalry . The seleucid responded by advancing his lancers and by pushing his horse bows (dubble move ) to the flank of the unprotected numidians ! And charges were declared .

The roman cavalry, being in training did roll a ONE while skirmishing , very helpfull ! the numidians did also skirmish and inflicted a wound on the SUP seleucid companions .

Meanwhile, the romans do advance but slowly due to command structure problems ! The seleucid advanced their cretan archers agressivly towards the average attalid LS shooting on green and killed a base . rhey targeted the central TUG as to slow down the blok move that was expected but was slow to materialise

Meanwhile on the flank some fighting . The combat shy seleucid mounted bow managed to roll a skull ..interesting . the roman cavalry did suffer a loss and a wound !


The romans are coming but the rough field is mine

Facing the thracians some fearless pedites, sup !

Before melees

After melees : The seleucid rolled 2 skulls vs the roman but after the romans did roll a skull vs them ! So POOF the roman cavalry . The numidians had resisted and killed a seleucid base but the kab test was deadly to them so they are also gone and the seleucid light brigade goes forward . A good victory but a seleucid TUG ( average ) is now in contact with some superior Attalid lancers that might hurt !

So having lots of black tokens and a whote the seleucid CIC decides not to controll the thracians who being DC just charge !

Slowly the romans do come ...yes yes here they come under auspices of Mars ! . A torakitaï TUG has been tasked to slow them down . The phalanxes have not moved yet

But now is the time of the phalanxes

Finally we might get some fight with the romans

A bit latter ..the Attalid lancers have crushed the Seleucid lancers and took a pesky wound. Pursuing they went smack into the seleucid sup TUG but they are outflanked by an average seleucid lancer TUG ( we checked and it is within charge range after pivoting 90° ! The thracian are in a hot fight but the light brigade is coming behind the pedites who are one base from breaking !

We are coming

A timely charge first die roll vs the pedites and a skull for the pesky skirmishes and a blanco for the superior romans ..they break

And by breaking the domino effect is on !

The Attalid lancers also died their boots on but still they died

The end 15-2 for the seleucid unknown general !

next game is another MEG game as we had to change plans ( Gauls vs Mid-Republican Romands ) and after that game a REG game on tursday the 13th , thank God it is not friday

Hope you enjoyed and please a good comment a like ..;something !

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