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Classical Indians vs Nikephorian Byzantines : the revenge

So we played the revenge. I had told Huub that he should have used the fact that most of his TUGs were drilled and so much more manoeuvrable than the tribal indians. So we positionned the armies and divided the commands just as it was for our previous game. I took command of the Nikes .

The game was to be a quick one .

As you can see, being the first player to move, I did move my rightmost skutatoi unit twice ( double move ) with a shift of a basewidth each move. It did cost me a green card upgraded yellow as the general went with them . The unit is now in the middle of the table and protect the cavalry from the nellies that were facing them. That was the key as now I could begin to move the shock cavalry and point them towards a much softer target, indian infantry .

I also began to move my infantry towards his infantry ( the skutatoi are LS + integral shooter and the armenians are LS ) .

The indians are also advancing and Huub discovers that a tribal army is quite ..difficult to manoeuver :-)

The key movement , enable the cavalry to avoid the nellies .

As you can see, both armies are going towards each other and I am positionning migh infantry to block his nellies .

My Normans and the elite Tagmata ready to charge . Huub forgot I could enter a file whan charging so believed he was out of danger ...

Chaaarge ... I took loses vs his infantry while coming in and his nellies went for the infantry .

My sup normans went for another infantry unit and I will admit I did roll a few skulls ..

And I broke trough in melee

On the other flank, his nellies died but I lost 2 bases ..and his 2 infantry units were really not feeling well !

So Huub admitted he should have manoeuvred when playing the Nikes . I was now in position to outflank a few of his units so he surrendered .

As classical indian he felt he should go forward . IMO, when you play classical indian, you should try to coordinate Nellies and grunts .I admit it is uneasy when tribal but doable. What I did here was to use the manoeuvrability of the nikes to beat key ennemy units and able me to outflank some others .

Tomorrow sunday a REG testing game , Ottoman Turks vs Coccaks ( proxis many being napoleonic cossacks )

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