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Classical Indians vs Late Nikephorian Byzantines . Huub continues testing Nike armies .

Commanding the classical indians, I was outscouted . Terrain was open, one protected flank by a river or a sea the other had some marshes . I had 13 TUGS facing his 9 TUGS . He had quality but I had numbers,bows and 4 TUGs of 3 nellies ( +1 dev charging chariots ). First move was to be his .

Nike deployment with one Themata TUG in reserve .

A very classical indian deployment .

The end of the line ..a bit closed by a marsh .

First moves ( by the way all my TUGS are tribal ...except the chariotry )

The nellies are going for the mounted .Those are SUP Normans ..

On the other flank he also went for the nellies with average lancers .In our last game he faced nellies with sup cavalry but won ..I told him it was quite uncommon but he based himself on his experience . It did not go well for him .

And I went for the other unit but that one was a bit more difficult to kill . I did not mind loosing my nellies but I wanted to kill or maim that sup Norman unit

It will be difficult for the nellies

But on the other flank ..the Normans just went poooof

Good shooting vs his shield covered skutatoi .

His sup Normans, having got help from armenian mercenaries ( LS ) the nellies died but the normans are down to 4 bases and indian infantry managed to charge the flank of the mercenaries and par frontal charge would work rather well . You can also see that the tagmata has charged some indian infantry but got outflanked by indian cavalry . You can see some nellies coming forward ..They will reach the Normans and finish them .

So what is next more pictures sorry but the armenians will die as an indian cavalry unit will take them in the back . The tagmata also will die ...the army will break as on the Nike right flank, the prokoustatores die under heavy archery .... Now HUUB believes that mounted do not have an easy time vs nellies ....

Next game 10th january . We will take the same armies, same deployment but change sides. The Nike deployment is faulty but the army being mostrly drilled there might be a way to win ! That is a task for the belgian MEG Prophet yes tell me I am good )

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