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Athens Reconing day 2 game 1

Now I was to meet the Sultanate of Rum another shooty mounted army under the leadership of Papadopoulos Panagiotis.

His army had an advantage of numbers but I won initiative. So I went for defence and a mountainous terrain,

I seem to remember he outscouted me 100 %

The green patch is a difficult mountain which will play an important part in the battle as it will be a heaven for my loose bowmen and slow his flanking move just enough for me to engage him in the center and my left flanbk with my best units.

The shooting starts

His big mistake, he will concentrate on my bowmen ( skilled ) and so his flanking move will become useless

In the center I went for it and we were heavily engaged

I will break 3 of his units and we were on our way for a last melee round that would either break his army or mine everything was still possible but time was called just when we would begin melee 8-2 in my favour ! a missed opportunity to finish a game with results but time is time !

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