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Athens 1st reckoning game 2

So I was now to meet Ragkousis Nikolaos and his 100 years war french army . As my dear opponent was not very fluent in english, a translator was sometimes needed ,

I massively outscouted him

He started pretty defensive

But being a fearless greek warrior he advanced towards me, opening his lines

and I went for the weak flank

The samarkand guard charged a crossbow unit with some success

In the center he advanced towards my skilled bow cavalry and i first fled with some and manoeuvred with others

He will go for my skilled bow that I used as a bait

There are no more pictures as communication was difficult and I needed the translator but what happened is that the whole line you see will crumble as I will outflank it all. So 15-2 in the end as my bait will also die !

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