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I went to Athens for their first international tournament

I took a small Timurid army , the kind that goes easely in a box when you take the plane

WJK Timurid Athens
Télécharger XLSX • 4.38MB

My very first opponent would be one of their best players Ioannis Fasoulas who would use a 100 yers english army. I knew he had trained with this army who is a kind of nemesis for me with lots of powerbows, 5 tugs 2 being skilled and all having stakes, some crossbows, 3 TUGs of mounted knights with second rank of lesser knights, from memory a unit of dismounted men-at-arms, some welsh contingent all in all 11 TUGs,

Both armies are deployed . I had outscouted the english but not by that much. To Ioannis surprise I did not go for open featureless plain but went for terrain . the reasonning was simple : he had trained for open terrain so I would go for more closed terrain. It was a mitigated success as my tokens were pretty bad !

On the picture the samarkand guard is next to the river. But Ioannis had forgotten to tell me he had stakes so basically as the guard and the foot skilled bows were the last TUGs I placed, I was allowed to swap them . So my skilled bow would face a skilled power unit .

My turcoman ally, sacrificial lamb

A closer look

His welsh, some knights, skilled powerbow and powerbow ..

Skilled powerbow, knights that will dismount, ally crossbowmen, men at arms...

Some more powerbows and dismounted men at arms

first moves ( I was defender )

Keeping the enemy busy

The samarkand exceptionnal guard goes for it, the drilled sup try to hurt his fully armoured knights and the crossbowmen and his powerbow stay out of range of my bows and hurt them but ignore my cavalry

The turcoman try do slow the enemy down and you can see he is trying to outflank me before I go trough his line ( on the right side of the picture )

Those brave allies of mine will die but they kept some of the enemy busy

A good round of shooting But as you can see the samarkand guard had a very tough time as my dice were not good enough for a quick breaktrough so a unit of bowmen had to move to protect the flank ,

So the samarkand guard managed to breaktrough, a lone sup charged the crossbowmen, another the depleted men at arms . I could not sent more as I had aonly one coloured token on 5 ! My flank guard is very depleted now having lost 50 % and down to 2 bases

A better view

During shooting my flank guard will die, during melee I will kill the crossbowmen and the men at arms + impact the skilled LB while pursuing, they have suffered loses due to firing and KAB and I might break them during melee as impact was not that bad but time is there so 6-8 . I managed to survive and beat the dreaded powerbows( from a narrow margin ) . But Ioannis would just go forward and win the tournament anyway.

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