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Another round of MEG ! Tolosan Visigoth vs Anglo-Danish

Last sunday, Jean-Luc tried his Anglo-Danish army in an encounter with Huub's Tolosan Visigoth . To put things in perspective, Huub is discovering the rules and Jean-Luc plays MEG since the first publication in 2016 !

The Anglo-Danish army is basically an infantry based army with some huscarls, fyrd and great fyrd while the Tolosan army is an army based on a close coordination between warbands and cavalry, most cavalry using javelins . So a hard task for the Tolosan Visigoths !

As you can see from the deployment , terrain was flat and open ( coastal terrain with protected flank ) . The Anglo-Danish were quite happy .

As the Visigoths fail to take advantage of the first move, the Anglo-Danish infantry rushes towards the visigothic warbands in the center .

But on the protected flank the visigothic cavalry tries to slow down the heavy infantry and shoots with javelins. First shooting will be pretty ineffective .

On the other flank, the Anglo-Danish huscarls protect the flank and the visigoths shoot ..but fail to hit !

As seen on the above pictures, the Anglo-Danish will come to grip with their enemies . Mostly 3 rank fyrd with a first huscarl rank ! and at impact they will win ( green dice on green dice ) and after that the slaughter begins .

The visigothic devatating mounted TUGs will try to break trough ennemy TUGs but luck was not on their side as they lost ALL impacts and got slaughtered as well !

Warbands have been broken and the end is near .

The 2 las warbands will break .. 15-0 for the Anglo-Danish

The Tolosan Visigoths failed to use their cavalry to slow the enemy and try to kill some of the first rank huscarls ! But they learned that javelin equiped cavalry could be very usefull as they nearly destroyed one ennemy TUG and managed to do some dammage here and there . Also to be noted, for all impacts that mattered at the beginning of the game, they lost doing near 0 dammage ! but the warbands will fight a hard battle as you see on the picture above, one of the 9 bases fyrd was nearly destroyed in melee ...but too little, too late ...

Jacques the Belgian MEG Prophet

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