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Ambiorix MEG's initiation

So belgian player Ambiorix finaly discovers MEG and had his first test game. As all very first games intended to test rules, the game was not finished, could have gone either way but I would say that Huub had the upperhand.

So what did we have : An early latin army for Ambiorix, full of formed and tribal LS, a few cavalry , some 14 TUGs and 3 SUGs , one of the commanders being an internal ally. Huub came with his Tolosan Visigoth under the very "unknown" legendary general . 4 warbands, 2 auxillia, the 2 bucelarii UGs, 3 gardingi, some skirmishing bow infantry !

So they went for terrain but as usual not much happened so open flanks except for some terrain here and there . The romans where outscouted by 40%.

To the left, the Latin army under the command of Ambiorix and to the right the Tolosan Visigoth under the legendary leadership of Huub .

Far away you can see a vineyard and some other brown rough terrain and yes as always a cup of cofee .

In the center, the romans face the warbands..We can predict a big infantry clash .

The warbands are ready with auxilia on one flank ( they are flexible ) and shooty gardingi cavalry on the other flank -, the bucelarii are just behind .

The roman army is deployed in one continuous long spears wall but beware holy pink floyd's words " break the wall"

They look confident

In perfect order

Both armies rush towards each other

The roman light infantry not being 100 % in terrain ( by a narrow margin, part of one rear base) they will be pushed back by the auxilia . This will later have some unexpected consequences.

The romans are now within 2,5 MU from the warbands ..there will be blood ! The bucelarii are now manoeuvring.

The roman infantry eager to charge goes for it while the gothic commander holds his warbands to receive the charge . The latin had free charge being 1 MU from the skirmishing germanic infantry . The Goth hopes to slow down some enemy TUGs with his shooting and so break part of the line coordination .

Meanwhile on the flanks the bucelarii smell blood they want to get to grip but the roman/latin SK just evades the roman cavalry holds the flank .

On the other flank the romans engage the battle

The battle is joined and only one roman UG did not reach the enemy line, decimation is being considered an option ! But 2 of the big 8 bases UG's have been reduced by 1 base .;who knows !

Impact and melee have not been that favourable for the Latin/Roman army ..on one flank there where a few skulls ..the power of the devastating chargers when it works ..

The romans have a problem

The roman flank is also open to a charge from the auxilia who is behing the flank of the fighting TUG ..

On the other flank the roman cavalry is fighting to the death and will die during the melee, the infantry charged the gardingi who just skirmished but shooting was very ineffective .

The flank charge proved destructive and during melee the roman unit will rout ( the skirmishers did what they could but their shooting was abysmal )

We had to call it an end. So 2 roman UGs destroyed , one visigothic SK destroyed and the battle was raging in the center ! The roman army in the center would have lost at least 2 more UG while one or 2 warbands also could have been broken . But we will never know . That is the fate of learning games ..lots of explaining .

Next week some REG test and in 2 weeks Ambiorix thinks to come with some "proxis" sumer/akkad and Hubb some mid-republican romans ..we shall see !

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