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AKKAD Empire vs New Kingdom Egyptian

Ambiorix asked to meet a shooty army so I proposed a NKE opponent ! very shooty, skilled but small ! In contrast Akkad had 16 TUGs

Z miniatures from museum miniature


Other proxis

NKE on the left, Akkad on the right, I had outscouted him by 50% ! Terrain was flat except for 2 patches of rough ground . As I tempted him by putting 2 small guards UG ( 2 x 4 bases ) he had responded with his skilled shooters and I deployed my skilled nubian skilled SK who would shoot better as his army is unprotected ..On my NKE side at the end of the line you have my SUP chariotry with the pharao's guard ( exceptionnal ) and the exceptionnalpharao leading them

Akkad's might deployed and a very confident ally

My chariotry on green bases a syrio cananite ( average but skilled shooters ) As you can see my army is very small . Important point of rule is that my spearmen and bowmen may interpenatrate and are all drilled

Egyptian proxis for Akkad guard ( sup/melee expert ) sandwiched between 2 skilled shooty akkad UGs

But I have my chariots

Going forward

My bowmen do advance towards the enemy who fearlessly are coming towards them

2 of my UGs are rushing forward to play hide and seek with the might of Akkad and Sumer

Well 3 wounds and a S due to shield cover make for a very slowed down UG

Target practise

He had asked for a shooty opponent

But he shot back ( killed a bse ) so now this means WAR ( the green token means slowed by 1 MU , visible and so unforgetable )

His superior cart ( 4 bases ) and some proto chariots are coming, my exceptionnal chariots are facing his skileld shooters, his axemen, disguised as egyptians, are going for the terrain

Under pressure

Slowly retiring

I fled but rolled 2 skulls see the INF with 3 blue tokens. The UG they were 6 and now 3,5 ( shoot at white upgraded green as skilled upgraded yellow as unprotected and down to green as fleeing , the NKE chariots did just skirmish

Fighting on the flanks, I shoit 6 white dice at his charging chariotry , 50 % chances of a wound per die ( skilled vs SUP ) ..result ONE wound !My blitzkrieg stops there !

So as he did resist long enough ..I had to pursue him a bit too soon or too late and could not disengage as I impacted the bowmen while pursuing so I will have to face an unpleasant reality ...My flank is open and his guards are coming

I had to sacrifice my bowmen but it disturbed his central command

still playing hide and seek

So I survived the flank attack and manoeuvred my chariots to come back in the rear of the bowmen. On the "far" left his average chariots with spear charged . I shot and killed one attacker but at impact he rolled 2 skulls ..oups ...

My sacrificed bow are gone but the fled only one MU My guards are in terrain and the nubians will kill those pesky bowmen to their front

Cleaning ..our flank chariots did kill each other will I survive the big melee

So I used a trik and turned my chariot to face the guards ( it is allowed we checked ) while another UG will kill the bows ( charged in the flank, by SP and losse in the open ...)

So I survived the big melee and retired to safer grounds but the battle is raging here and there!

And by shooting I killed those guards

Where the marker is, his Sumer ally carts did die under heavy fire ( it had resited for long but this time 4 dice, 4 wounds and he had lost a base earlier so POOOFFF but I was with my back near the edge of the world )

Heavy fighting

the last moves He needs to kill 3 more UGS and I need 2 more but he has big bataillons

My guards are killing one of his units but I must accelarate as "hide and seek" has some limits

I will kill that Ug by shooting

My exceptionnal chariotry kills his infantry who kills the chariotry

End of the game 15-8 in favour of the NKE

We both had our share of luck and bad luck .

NKE is not my normal style of army but still fun. Against Akkad it really is a game of hide and seek, delay, shoot avoid melees as long as possible!

So Ambiorix finally had a complete game

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