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ACROPOLIS MAY 2024 Early kingdom of Aragon on the reconquista road

The theme was defined to be 1000 CE to 1250 CE .So this time I decide to use an early kingdom of Aragon's army

So a mobile army but with many weaknesses. The almughavars are mobile but will suffer vs shooters as they are unprotected and I was to face some crossbowmen namely crusaders and Later Northern Song that would hit me on green dice + "S" is a wound if I charged them so it would be tricky indeed.

I had good knights but small TUGs , enough command cards

After some testing I went for a defensive strategy, using woods and combined arms approach

Due to the weaknesses I expected to end somewhere as 4th or 5th but fate was to be strange.

I was to meet the Later Crusader army, Thodoros Galanis's host

I won initiative, and terrain just compare the tokens

Next my outscouting

His outscouting

So we already did draw 4 reds and 6 yellows ..

Fearing his crossbowmen ( mixed TUGs ) and his more numerous SUP knights I went defensive and went heavily for terrain especially woods which enable me to move 4 MU even in close order and have some cover .

I was very happy about the woods in the middle. My SUP cavalry is grouped as a reserve. I wanted to see where he would strike . The almughavars being fleet of foot are deployed in close order for now. I was satisfied to have his crossbowmen facing the woods which are a cover for me.

Thodoros nice painting.

His mixed TUGs

SUP and AV knights

My normans being used as Aragon knights and the mixed almughavars.

My jinetes supported by AV knights

Holding the flank

The glorious flower of Aragon

Ok I went for one of his flank

I would attack on my left and slow him down on my right . The almughavars in the center would support both if possible

Not very subtle

But it works he sends some of his knights to reinforce the other flank

Here we go . I took the chance charging with the almughavars and facing 2 green dice but he only scored a wound but did also score a wound on my AV knights I had sent as support ( double move coming from my far left and in position 4 MU from the crossbowmen ); A good idea as they would roll a skull..

The king Thodoros of Jerusalem

. I will break his knights ( I rolled the first skull when he rolled blanco, green on green ) . In short all my charges will be successful. I will break all his first line, get into his camp while pursuing, a TUG of poor bowmen and break the army 15-4 ( he will break an AV TUG of knights and my jinetes will skirmish very badly and be caughts by SUP knights

He nearly never managed to hit me ..and so begins he legend of my luck while my dices were good, very good indeed !

Even Antoine will complain I stole all the Belgian luck of the tournament

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