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A classic Roman vs Gaul battle

A very hard fought battle with lots of fun and really not one sided . The gauls got outscouted by 40 % .

The armies

Lowland Gallic
Télécharger PDF • 848KB

Mi-Republic Romans with Attalid Pergame ally
Télécharger PDF • 851KB

A coastal open terrain with a protected flank, the holy MEG coffee MUG and another coffee mug,

The Attalid are grouped and hold the flank with a few roman cavalry ! not many but of a far better quality than gallic horse

The green shields roman are the average , the other sups and all by 5

Thuerophoroi , Illyrian and numidians are holding the other flank

The whole gallic cavalry deployed as a mass the 3 rank deep TUG is the superior, A talented chieftain is the to coordinate that force,

Gallic infantry,

The end of the line and to the forefront the mad gaesati, the mad sup unprotected DC!

So no subtletly ,no shooters but brute force only,

I hoped to sent the madmen in the roman ranks and follow with the rest !

Going forward

Roman point of view

The big gallic line is under legendary command , a smaller one ( one SUP, one AV DC TUGs are waiting for the gaesati to crush the ennemy )

The enemy SK have taken their toll

It wont be long

A very unclever movement by the SUP gallic cavalry or is there something else

View from the roman side

Everyone seems ready

The gaesati go in

Casualties on both sides but the charge was not as successfull as hoped !

Roman average TUGS and SUP do kill lots of gaesati quickly , the second line waits

The Romans had underestimated the possibility of a big move and the gallic had husbanded a a yellow token from turn one to sneak his sup TUG into the flank and it worked . The Attalid did charge forward but the gallic cavalry did not flee !

And the lancers had to pay the price,

The battle is on

The gallic cavalry also went for the attalid infantry but it is still a hard fight. Not blitzkrieg today

grinding match, yellow and green roman dice vs white ...except with the legendary gallic CIC is but no skulls for him

The Illyrian came to their friends help !

Both sides are taking loses

The roman SUP are killing the gallic infantry

The roman flank is still holding

The 4 bases roman cavalry TUG killed an 8 bases gallic WB ...Impressive. But the gallic cavalry will take some revenge on the outflanked thureophoroi

all at once a distater for the gallic army ..3 TUGS killed in the center but the romans lost their Illyrian TUg who had killed a gaesati TUG , pursued and was met by fresh gallic warriors ..but it is still in balance as the gallic army is big and many roman TUGs are one wound or 2 from breaking ( but all survived multiple test due to the Illyrians routing ) and one roman average TUG has some gallic nobles ready to charge in the rear

Cleaning up

The death of the thureophoroi

The death of the roman army is near as the legendary gallic CIC goes forward and kills a last TUG !

The battle ended 15-10 a gallic victory but a great battle

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