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RUEIL James IVth continues

So the next game was to be once again vs a Crown of Aragon army and Olivier Joucla as leader.

Facing many times the same army sees to be a habbit of mine

Having faced him before with some swiss I knew he would go for some rough or difficult terrain and would do all he could to try to open my line and delay.

Amazingly I did outscout him with my one and only OS card.

So here is the deployment. I would have to advance steadily but in an organised way if I wanted not to be outflanked .

So slowly I did push him but he always had the right cards to retreat . The phalanx that's on the upper right is turned backwards because of the pikes :-) It faces the Aragon pikemen

So when finally I manage to be where I can charge, fight and he cannot retreat it was the end of the game

2-2 Far from a glorious victory but I expected such a result . None of us made any mistakes except perhaps a lack of fighting to get some more points ..but I had the pointy sticks and he did have the mounted :-)

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