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RUEIL 2023

Rueil's theme was "large" 1000+ CE Ok so I decided to have fun and an uncomplicated army with no hope of winning but just be there and enjoy.

Having bought back miniatures to help someone I had painted a lot of pikes so went for a James IV army and without any terrain troops ( they are not painted yet ) so it was to be this :

My first game was versus a Beginner who fielded a Crown of Aragon army .

I was also tasked to explain the tricks and help him understand his army so I helped him but let him make his mistakes as well .

First surprise was : I out scouted him

I was to be the aggressor and he was a bit unbalanced by the fact I did deploy my pikes in the woods .

I showed him I could get out of the woods and go towards his dreaded almughavars

Sound the advance . Facing my pikes there was a juicy line of combat shy crossbowmen ..a mistake he did learn not to make such a mistake twice

My powerbows on the right are looking for the coming knights . They would soon learn what PB means to mounted guys.

Nearing charge time the crossbowmen are looking at my pikes and are not very happy .

So it's the end of the pictures

So in short I unexpectedly out scouted him with my magical one card and went forward to assault his line . The combat shy crossbowmen would be a weak point and crumble . he will charge with his almughavars and fail ( his dice were not up to it ). He tried a flanking move with his knight but underestimated the power of PB and so ended charging them but they had their stakes, and the Spanish knights died their boots on .

The game ended 15-0 . Open terrain and my fellow player's inexperience being the major factors of that victory

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