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Ribble Rumble, the silk road campaign going on game 2 for the tibetans

So game 2 would see me face some strange African people who will claim I invade them !

I was to meet Richard Baliszewski's BEJA army

I slightly outscouted tribal leader Baliszewski 's army and as I suspected he had a very skilles Nubian ally . I would have to hope that my thin cans called tribalish cats would be able to absorb the shooting .

Camels would be a problem at impact so I will have to accept loses. I was also outnumbered but he had nothing to stop the cats .

The Christian Nubian allies in his center faced by a lone cat TUG ( average )

As you can see the Beja did deploy far far away ! I would need time or very red cards/tokens to be able to reach it..;I lacked the red cards and considering his numerous skirmishers did not play Custer with my mounted bows

The Nepalese ally wondering where the opposition is

Advancing in the plain ...

On the left a Nepalese UG is trying to reach some camelry while my cats slowly do advance

Yes we made contact . The Khotanese met some unprotected infantry hiding in the forest but shooting was ..not efficient must be raining

At last I charged his SK, killed them but lost a very valuable cat base so 2-0 for me as I destroyed 2 SUGs

The nepaleese are engaging the camels and the Nubians. A high risk but I wanted points and action . The clock was ticking

3 cats TUGs engaged a Khotanese ally playing with some lancers to the front , lancers who do not want to charge

We fight . So even on yellow and red dice, I will "miss" a lot throwing lots of "S" . Did I tell you I love REG where "S" is a wound in melee :-)

Even vs unprotected AV infantry , the cats will miss ...but the camelry TUG will finaly break

The Nepalese had the worst of it but I only lost a TUG and the SUG so the game ended 6-5 a very smallish advantage

I had to go to him but I can understand his defensive position. No terrain, nothing to stop the cats but my feeling is he could have gone for my flanks as my tribal cats are difficult to manoeuvre

It's always easy to replay a game isn't it

Up to now I did better than I expected .

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