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IWC 2024 second day 3rd and 4th games

The holy Nicopolis crusade continues . I was to meet Stephen's Later Teutonic army.

Heer General Stephen is an experienced MEG players who knows his army well so it would be a challenge,

As you can see, he is already planning smart moves

My strength was on my left. I must admit that the mandatory command organisation of the Nicopolis crusade is a bit of a challenge that offers little flexibility.

Very foolishly I went forward trying to force a decision with my french knights the only ones who could fight and defeat Teutonic knights and I decided to screen some teutonic knights with skirmishing cavalry. I must admit I had a very bad feeling but remember this is a crusaders army ! Gott mit uns french knights so Montjoie Saint Denis, Deus Vult Dieu avec nous ..cry havoc and let them loose

My unhappy right flank is trying to slow the enemy down but it will be a hard fight

Manoeuvring tribal combat shy unprotected bowmen to support skirmishing cavalry and keeping my cavalry out of crossbow range

So things got quickly out of hand and I had to take huge risks but the Lord smiled on the true crusaders . I charged where I could even outnumbered and trying ti cause as many kills I could and the skulls were on my side ( sorry Stephen I will admit I had some outrageous luck ) so I won charge and melees .

Trying to keep me busy the Teutonic cavalry ( handgunners or crossbowmen I can't remember ) went to assault my hopeless bowmen

Meanwhile in the center I kept killing bases after bases

Last picture as the game went on . My longbowmen will charge his crossbowmen and beat them to pulp, on my right flank the unprotected bow, combat shy will on white dice decimate the teutonic cavalry and the french knights will prevail in every melee Skull Skull Skull ( wound wound wound for the tribal combat shy bowmen )

So the unexpected result was 15-0 in my favour

For the last game I was to face Pierre-Alexandre and his Serbian empire army

I expected a tough fight

As you can see I went for it but was so busy that I took no more pictures .

Basically it went knight to knight , noblemen charging everywhere they could a bit disorganised

I took no notes so my memory is unperfect

The result was 15 - 7 in my favour

I ended the tournament, second with 48 points but being organiser ...the 3rd became second and so on

David Urbain the uneven and unexperienced player used a First Crusade army

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