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Back to REG or Renaissance and for us 30 years' war environment.

As Huub and I plan to go to BRITCON in august and go for REG we reacquaint ourselves with the rules.

The problem is to avoid Megising the rules as there are some differences between both sets of rules even if much is in common.

Huub playing a Dutch army wanted to use his ability to transform his artillery in a support fleet shooting with impunity from the sea . He choose to defend and managed to have a coast but a seaport and some moving dunes did impair that project. LOS trough those terrains is a bit difficult.

My army . At least a first try

I outscouted the Dutch army or to be more procise, we had the exact same score ( 2 red and 2 yellow ) as I was the aggressor I won and he had to start to deploy.

The famous dutch Cuirassiers

The dutch ART is deployed on a gentle hill

2 checkerboard bloks have been deployed and my analysis is that they have the same weakness. The central UG is formed while the 2 horns of the checkerboard are good drilled Dutch HFP regiments. So mixing quality is not the best idea as it will amper his mobility .

My refused flank UGs, some ill furnished german P&S, a battery, and a dragoon UG,

A 4 UG checkerboard with the elite exceptional yellow regiment,

and the anchor of the flank Swedish cavalry with detached shots, the guard and some Harquebusier

The mistake that will cost the battle to the dutch ( or would have if we had managed to play it to the end ) . The dutch cavalry rushes to the contact

But I got more mounted and part of the dutch line is skirmishing

Impact and shooting were deadly for both of us but the cuirassier did suffer most. During melee one cuirassier UG will break opening the way to go behind the P&S line. Another UG would be within a wound of breaking as will one Swedish TUG .

Our long range shooting was very inconclusive

We had to stop there but the dutch line was outflanked .

Next test we will know more of the rules and be able to play more quickly.

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