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Athens the second day or Hannibal vs LRR

So now I was to meet senator Konstantinos Kyprios and a dreaded Late Republican Roman army .

Due to the flexibility of the LRR army I did not really care about terrain. I feared the bulldozer that roman legionaries can be but I outscouted my opponent and found out he had "only" 4 SUP cohorts and some cataphracts allies

My basic plan was simple, play Cannae, go for the flanks and delay the center and that uneasy task would be for the mounted arm or 2 TUGS of average cavalry and the numidians

The Nellies and veterans would go for the cats but I would need to be very quick. On the right side of my nellies, very unhappy poor citizens who would not like to face the SUP Cohorts

That Zama list is weak compared to others

The romano-greek consul is wondering what to do. He is rather new to MEG so I would also regularly explain to him his different options

The gallic mercenaries , the Italian veterans and the balearic slingers are engaging the right flank ( his left flank ). But tokens being what they are, I could not speed up things and got delayed so made choices

Slowing down the enemy and the Numidian nobility rushes towards my left flank in a desperate move to outflank the legions as the cats, tribal as they are, always manged to fall back but it opened a breach ( see my nellies on the upper left ..there is the opening I hoped for )

Here the numidians do go as quickly as possible but the clock is ticking

The left flank is a bit ...slow..not much you can do with mostly black and white cards and tribal gallics ..

So sorry no more pictures but here is a resume: My offensive on the right flank did falter. I might have killed his Thracian infantry but needed time and did not get the time to do it and the gods of dice where also rather unfriendly ont that flank so no one managed to kill anyone on that flank .

In the center the delaying action worked fine but no losses there

On the left flank I managed to kill one cataphract TUG and a SUG that had to skirmish / flee out of the table edge but the other cataphracts killed the nellies.

A roman cohort down to 3 bases survived skilled shooting and flank charge so the game ended 5-4

The Carthaginian needed more time and that is a luxury they had not . Also the romans still could have beaten my right flank but we will never know

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