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Athens November 2023 second game

Now going for ...romans ! I wasto face some mid-republican romans under consul Konstantinos Malliaras

Surprise he went for terrain and outscouted me

The green square is a rough hill putted there by the romans . My Numidian ally was reliable from the beginning and would bring victory in this game .

All legions with red shields are SUP. Consil Malliaraswill make one fatal mistake. Underestimate the power of concentrate skilled shooters even vs shield covered SUP Legio !

On the left side of the picture you can see the pergamese ally and on the far leftsome legio covering the flank .

I advanced a lone gallic cavalry TUG to slow him down as I expected a full scale assault

The numidians want to play with some average thureophoroi

The gallic anvil look at the SUP romans coming

So sorry but this will be the last picture of that game.In the woods the Italian veterans. Loose but SUP .

What happened is the the numidian ally managed trough combined shooting to destroy the rightmost roman cohort. That would open the door . Along the fighting line many roman TUGs were engaged and the Carthaginian center did hold , barely, but hold . On the other flank, the combined strength of the SUP LS and the Numidian shooting would kill the thureophoroi opening the second flank .

The numedian nobles, a SUP TUG you can see on this picture would just charge in the flank of the already weakened cohort, break it and continue gloriously along the line while the African veterans started on the other end of the line. The romans where history

15-0 in my favour

But my center was near breaking !

Underestimating the power of black shooting "S" is a wound helped by more common black shooting was the death of consul Malliaras but it was a long and hard fight

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