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ACROPOLIS IN MAY 2024 another test

So this time I was to play Jean-Luc and face an early crown of Argagon so some knights better than my cavalry so what would happen was in the dice's hands ( or skulls or arrows )

I had ouscouted him but I knew it would be a difficult game. Terrain was open except for that damn piece of rough terrain right in the middle . Here you can see two almogavars tugs rushing in the terrain .

I did sent my infantry ( skutatoï ) towards his 2 big bloks of almughavars who are supported by some good knights

On the left you can see my normans, the varanguians, the tagmata end the kataphraktoi advancing cautiously

How to slow those guys would be a headache

The norman knights are moving to support the skutatoï

That central piece of terrain was really annoying me I would have to protect my flank

On the left hand the almughavars are coming towards my infantry

He means it

Impact was not bad now how would the skutatoï fare impact integral shooter did give me a +2 as the almogavars are unprotected now I had to go on, still green vs white while I still had 2 ranks

Taking position and hoping to defeat the almogavars quickly but I need to protect my flank

The mounted bow were facing an overwhelming force but it's all I had to slow the down

The fight goes on but a bit too slowly

Meanwhile I would have to take risks to slow those guys down .

He maintained his knights to the back

Now the almogavars are near breaking and will break

At the same time a very good charge is being launched the themata will join and be smothered ..

The end position on my right flank . my prokoustatores are still alive and runned away . the kataphrakoï are going in next turn to tackle the military orders knights to the front but we stopped there

So here is the end of the game The almogavars will break but kill the themata who shot doing nothing, charged doing nothing but on 5 dice received 3 skulls and 2 wounds ..

The tagmata to the left will do well but the knights facing them will call payback time and with 3 dice ( after moves, deploying ranks and son on ), 2 greens and a white ..inflict 2 skulls and a wound breaking the tagmata

The knight TUG see above will incautiously advance behind the near breaking almogavars that will break. En result was the it lost a base after 3 test and was impacted by pursuing skutatoï . It could have killed one skutatoï on impact but it was also outflanked by the Varangian guard so odds were it would die . So I lost 2 TUGS, perhaps a third and the crown of Aragon had lost 3 tugs perhaps a fourth ..We need a bit more time but as it was a friendly game called for an end .

Next test ..;I must choose an army to try something different . Nellies ?

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