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Acropolis's tournament will take place in Athens

So now is time to test a few possibilities, mounted, or welsh and their 80 fleet of foot power bows or Thaï and 12 SUP Nellies ..who knows

So I tried this YES I know it is a huge command risk but I was willing to try it once again

And I met Antoine's Muslims Indian Sultanate but not very successfully . I must have forgotten to say mass before the game

Outscouting was nice always a bad omen for me

So as defender I got a protected flank, some woods on the other flank and I outscouted my opponent .What could go wrong well first stop the Nellies and second the gods of dice did go mostly wrong

A refused flank facing the Nellies my cavalry facing some ghulams and they are good and will save the day for the muslims . God was not on my side oh I already did tell you so didn't I

Better views of the deployment.

First moves some unprotected mounted bow advance towards my line and I respond with the guard

Stopping the Nellies will be very very hard indeed

What Antoine had forgotten is that my tagmata ( of the far left ) and the kataphraktoï both are charge only bows .

That was a very nice shooting but he will get away and that would be my first good dice roll

But my tagmata shooting was 3 blanks while his Ghulam shooting was a wound . Impact was not that good and melee will be dreadfull

Here yes also luck the AV skutatoï are the ones that kill a base and they will even finish the nellies a bit later Joy to the world ...for now my master plan is working

So having killed a nelly so comes the second one whose impact is ..catastrophic for me. My TUG will very quickly break and open a gap

Mounted bow trying to slow down the nellies ...Skutatoï trying to outflank the nellies but it will be hopeless as their brothers, the other skutatoî will die too quickly . Antoine did find the way to the skull ..damn pagan !

Meanwhile the lonely Ghulam decimates my tagmata even the legendary general did not manage a single hit,

I got a gap in my line and no one to plug it

My normans did charge but muslims arrows always did find the wound on the white dice ...decimation and the Ghulams are still winning

There will be a glorious charge by my 4 thematas who will charge a TUG of 6 skilled shooters. The shoot and charge will be good and impact also. Melee will sez the themata break the enemy it was an unexpected success t the themata has yellow shields )

The normans will die as as usual muslims white dice will fidn their way home 3 dice, 3 wounds

So I had to finish that Ghulam TUG and it was done even if we had to finish the game. I had bagged 3 TUGS So did he. So either 8-8 if paying 3h15 as for tournament or 6-15 if his last charge which we had no time to play ( one more turn ) had been successful ( he would have been on + 5 ) but the game was fun.

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