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TYW REG TEST 2 German Imperialist vs Early Gustavian Swedish ...the revenge

Hy, second test . I took some German Imperialist and HUUB some swedish devils . I had a plan which I changed when I saw HUUB's deployment . Even if we did not play to the end - we are still discovering remember - it was pretty clear that the Imperialist would win (unless the dice were bad but HUUB that day had the worse dice )

As you can see, terrain was pretty open this time . I deployed my army at the bottom of this picture and HUUB on the upper side . I had him outscouted by 50% . I depolyed my artillery ( light ) in the middle , 2 wings of infantry with P&S, P&S militia and some early tercios, veteran tercio sup on my left being helped bu schutzen . Some average Kurassier on the left but some mounted shot and croats on my right and sup kurassier ..they face the exceptionnal swedish guard cavalry and 2 units of sup finnish cav . The swedish infantry had all regimental guns, all elan, all pretty good and the yellow and blue brigades are sup . He has a weak point ...his right is partially held by poor cavalry but with detached shot . On the right side you can see a village and a detached swedish musketter unit is in it ( also with regimental guns )

Swedish center

My left flank

My right flank, the units with the red flag are the sup kurassier . They wait . You will notice the imperialist infantry chekerboard formation. One early tercio to the front, on P&S to the front and the militia in support .

Turn 1, my first shooting and the yellow brigade must go back 2 MU and it will happen more than once :-) .

ouch a wound for me

We are going towards each other . My kurassiers are average and his cavalry is poor . My tercio is sup they are veterans

He advances his left flank and I go tease his impetuous cavalry . My right flank infantry and kurassiers just watch the show .

Enjoy the battlefield and yes I advanced my light guns in the center wanting to test them

The finnish cavalry did charge, got a wound each, were pushed back from their starting point and both my shooty cavalry did skirmish ( the left hand unit is later caracolle so may skirmish when charged )

I am out of range ...and the regimental gun is in the center so no shooting for them

So my kurassier did charge the poor cavalry and ..lost a base . The incoming shooting was good ( 2 wounds ) and another one at impact ..the only fight where HUUB will have luck !

The swedish left flank is marching ...The finnish cavalry pushed back comes back forward but the wounds have not been healed .

The fight goes on . My leftmost unit has been pushed back by ennemy firing, the cavalry melle is going poorly for me has me being 2 factors up ..he stills managed to inflict 2 wounds on me and I barely killed my first base ..he has the advantage . As you can see the yellow brigade continues dancing back to the rear back to the front ..

I decided to advance but not too fast .

Ok still advancing and pinning some of his cavalry .

The finnish impetuous cavalry did charge to clear the way but did loose a base in one unit a wound in the other. The croats retired a bit under pressure but now musketeers are coming to shoot at them but will mainly miss . My own elite kurassiers is coming forward ( sup and agressive ) .

In the center, the yellow brigade did advance, a regular brigade just did charge, shoot and charge and destroyed the light gun TUG . But by doing so it enabled me to move forward and be in it's flank ! As HUUB had passed twice, he could not react anymore .

So what had happened on the left flank ( mine ) . The average kurassier managed to kill the poor ennemy cavalry but with 2 bases remaining are near death . Still they managed to charge the flank of the ennemy artillery and kill them, The schutzen managed to kill by shooting the other mounted poor unit so I had a kind of boulevard for me . The last average kurassier is still there playing target for an ennemy musketeer unit . The sxedish red unit has turned to meet the kurassier ( who should die next firing turn ) but to the flank finds a sup tercio ready to charge . so odds are it will die being charge in the flank, being average vs sup ..and no one to help .In the center , the yellow brigade will charge but incoming fire might cause some death . The green unit is busy fighting one of my P&S unit so cannot help .

What happened : the impetuous swedish did charge kurassier did charge ...I had some shooting at him and he had some loses so one impetuous unit dies at melee the other is quite near breaking .

The situation when we did end the game .

It was clear to us that the swedish army was near breaking as we were at 6-0 . I would have lost one kurassier unit , perhaps a second one ( on the left flank ) . But the swedish army was in bad shape , the second finnish cavalry unit was doomed as even the musketeers would be late coming to help as the corats would reform as a TUG and stay in the way , the red brigade was to be charged in the flank, and on my right flank, I could outmanoeuvre him so ...we called it a day .

Units being driven back, moving back to position to be driven back something new . We need to remember that .

We enjoyed the game but next week HUUB wants to test some MEG Nikephorian Byzantines

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