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Thirty Years War ... REG testing and learning

Hy, back after a forced Covid pause and recuperating . With HUUB, I decided to test REG , ALASDAIR upgrade of MEG for wars from the 16th till early 18th century . We went conventional and I took a 1632 swedish army under the legendary leadership of Gustavus Adolphus and Huub took a german catholic army under his own talented command .

I must first say that REG rules are still being tested even if in latest stage . ALASDAIR did grant us permission to test . REG is similar yet different from MEG but uses the CCC command system .

On the above picture you can see the battlefield . A large village, and an enclosed field + a Gully .. A nice orchard in the middle with a swamp behind and a forested protected flank . I would deploy on the left side and the catholics on the right side . HUUB made a first mistake . He did choose some dense terrain when he will use a "heavy" army while I have a more nimble one .

Being the agressor I outscouted him ..but it was a close shave

Players knowing the rules might wonder about how we deployed but we are discovering the effects of firing here in the game musket do reack 5 MU or 20 cm ..Some deployment mistakes were done ...better when you test than during a tournament . Above picture is the Catholic left wing . All his army is pure average . He has numbers but will split his cavalry . 2 units are on the extreme flank where only mounted and some lighter infantry may deploy but not the heavy pike&shot units . You can see some P&S units with an artillery battery .

More P&S units and other cavalry who are facing a gap and orchard ! There are 3 P&S unprotected units in reserve .

And the extreme right flank held by reiters .

Now on my right flank I positioned my 3 only fighting cavalry units. The one on the right side is a superior unit ( Smaland regiment ) with commanded shot to bolster them . In the middle mad impetuous finnish cavalry with our friend Gustavus and to the left an average unit with commanded shot . I have local superiority will it be enough ?

Some walls to protect us from ennemy guns dreaded exceptional yellow brigade and a superior blue brigade with regimental gun to hold that field. You see an average green P&S unit , out of artillery range just in cas. It also has a regimental gun .

The line continuous and my arttillery is protecting the center, an average P&S unit + a detached musketeer unit with regimental gun . They are facing the orchard that protects them from the ennemy cavalry . On the right you can see my flankers, a reiter unit ( Karabinryttaere ) and a dragoon unit to counter his lonely reiter unit .

A better view of my center .

I wanted that field but the commander only had black and white tokens so let us go easely . The catholics also advances

Both shooty cavalry busy but the dragoons will soon help tip the balance . I occupy the orchard with the detached musketeer who went the quick march !

The Gustavus is being bold and rushes forward . The ennemy cavalry decided to counter . But I have quality and Gustavus .

After turn one

CHARGE and by charging the Smaland regiment drops the commanded shot unit . In game terms they just disappear .

Very unconclusive . But I had only green dice vs White or even red and white vs Black . Gustavus is to the front .

All nearly quiet on the other flank some shooting but nothing much

My swedish cavalry trying to outflank the german cavalry ..;as they still do resist and I need to be quick

The center we are near contact . My 2 elites brigades are in charge range .

Some very good firing ( green dice ) from the musketeers in the orchard . One reiter unit dies and the mounted next to them will suffer as I have still a file to shoot, + some artillery in range + KAB for routing unit, + KAB for the general that just also got killed .On the left hand I am pushing back the german reiters into the forest .

The center a more general view

My flank charge and it worked perfectly ( for once )

In the center the fight is on but the average german P&S do resist. In REG the swedish may shoot&charge, upgrade their firing before the opposition fires, but I was not very successfull. You can see near the orchard that the german cavalry did die or was pushed back from firing . But is is near dying . It is at that point of the game 4-0

As I broke trough the cavalry the charge just goes on ( but is frontal ) and yes a wound . Gustavus goes to help for the melee that will follow .

In the center, assaulting a fresh average line did cost me heavily. But Nex turn will see the death of 5 more garman catholic TUGs , the 2 you see here, one more cavalry unit in the center ( due to firing from the detached musketeers ) , Gustavus will break another cavalry unit and the reiter that faced two of my units will also die , a lonely death in the forest so 15-0. From the game we had some questions that are being sent to Alasdair and next week another test game . HUUB will test the swedish army

Keep safe

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