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Sunday 2nd august we had another training game, still Tolosan Visigoth vs Middle Sassanid Persian .

As you see , the more numerous Visigoth on the the right and the sassanids on the left.

The terrain in the middle is a difficult hill . For some unknown reason, the warbands hid behind the terrain . On the Visigothic far right is an ally ( Burgundian but due to lack of concentration we took a latter burgundian list but in the furture it will be corrected ) . What about the persians ?

On my far left, I deployed my ally, some sabir mounted bow, by 6 bases, 2 of the 3 TUGs being skilled shooters . In the center some cataphracts, é small units of superior and a larger one of average . As I was outscouted I decided the center would be nice with plenty of romm to go left or right . And finally on my right, some 3 units of 6 strongh asvaran, one being superior all mounted bow . The command was a talented CIC, 1 competent and one mediocre all profesionnals and one ally TC .

Now what happens next ...the burgundians decided to have a drink at the beginning of the battle so the TV right will not rush towards me .

And my Sabir ally is happy to join the for people who know me ...yes they would happily pepper the ennemy with pointy sticks called arrows

So 2 flanks went forward, the TV center advandced in the difficult terrain at the ponderous speed of 2 MU . For some reason, no pressure on my right flank . It will stay so for some time untill the TV general finaly decides to put some pressure but a bit lat . In the center, the die is cast 2 of the cats go to my left . One small 4 bases but sup cat stays behind ..for now with the mediocre general in charge

The skilled shooters advance towards the burgundians

and the cats arrive

and the burgundians join the battle

and they very agressivly charge and I very gentlemanly skirmish

and with some results the averga big cav unit lost a base

But I was also putting some pressure. the cats are in range of his devastating sup cavalry, the foot warband but as you see in the hills there are some foot warriors coming to outflank my cats . The Sabir reunited with their experienced shooter ...we will see ...oh and my right flank ..still no ennemy movement . I was pretty happy to stay away from him.

So the burgundians engaged the sabir quite furiously and I charged the sup cavalry with both cats . I need to be quick as the turn after, so infantry will catch me in the flank but will be in difficult terrain with close so I might survive it . As for the Burgundian assault, their sup cavalry lost a base and the warband lost heavily ( skull on the green dice+ 3 wounds ont the 3 white dice )

My charge was not too bad but I killed only one base ...but melee was far better so the ennemy cav broke and my cats will pursue out of the possible flank charge ...yep that was lucky ! ( the yellow die should be green I just took it because we made the picture a bit latter )

One further step ..the burgundians engaged the Sabir who in a gallant gesture accepted the charge at least in their center ...why because I declared a charge with my rightmost sabir unit knowing of the burgundian charge and also knowing he would charge before me . So I took him in the flank when my charge started I was in his flank ..But it will ne be that easy ! I am unprotected vs sup, protected melee expert ! The long run might be difficult

Did I see an ennemy camp ?

The third cats arrived behind the 2 first and charged the burgundian warband that had lost 2 bases and after charge and melee broke them ...

At last pressure on my right

On my left the fight goes on and I was lucky..he could not turn his sup unit to fight my sabirs and so ...I broke the unit and of course ..charged the other average unit in the flank ..; You will notice that the bottom Sabir unit was on the verge of destruction ( 3 bases left on 6 but it was my turn so I decided where to roll first )...yes right on time

Pressure on my right ..I have time

The ennemy camp ...soon to be looted

The last burgundian unit soon to die

Once again a flank charge the stubborn burgundians will be gone so 4 TUGS and a more unit to go . I lost none but 2 units near breaking now well away from danger

This is the end ...the last TUG to break needing a single wound on 3 white and a black dice ...needs 3 turns of melle ...hard fight but 15-0 ...and HUUB is learning ...but I still wonder about those warbands in the steepy hills

Next game sunday 9 august

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