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RUEIL the last day

So I was to face Gilles and his Catalan Company in Anatolia. I knew it was to be a hard fight but I was not prepared for the trashing I was about to suffer.

With his legendary CIC,he won terrain, went defensive putted a lot of woods and forest in such way I would have an impossible task to go towards him so must wait for him giving him the control of the game but at least I outscouted him with my lone on card.

That's our deployment. I told myself "Ok he will come" I face a hard battle. He is on yellow at impact, but melee might be green for me and green or white for him ..We have a battle

So here they come . I can but wait.

Here is one of my mistakes. I advanced a bit

The fatal moment of impact ! by the empty spaces you can deduce that impact was dreadfull . Most of Gilles's dice did turn skulls and during melee as he had killed the first rank he had some green dice who also did turn skulls ...I was butchered except in on place. My dice where ..mostly blanco :-)

I tried to push but those guys are slow

As the god Skull remained on Gilles's side things went from bad to catastrophic rather quickly . I disintegrated.

Fighting till the end I managed to kill a SUG so it ended 15-1 in Gilles favour. It was pure frontal assault, pure dice pure slaughter .

But still an enjoyable game ..heu trashing

So I would go to the next and last game vs a nellie army and face Bruno Potin's Rajputs

Bruno is new at MEG so I planned to teach him but feared his nellies as they are deadly to my pikes but I have numbers and black and white dice .

Again , amazingly I would outscout my opponent . 4 outscouting, 4 games, 4 times outscouting the opponent with one card I think I might have done something never heard of.

So he tries to outflank me with 2 mounted TUGS one being SUP but my longbowmen are also there .

My blocks are advancing a little . His infantry is not such a threat but coupled with the nellies makes them a threat.

I decided to put some ressources to counter the flank march

I do advance towards the enemy but will try to aim mostly for the foot

meanwhile on the flank this time I got the skulls, and it will remain so till the end of the game.

My PB will slaughter the enemy cavalry

In the center and left flak, contact will be hard and the Nellies will hurt my infantry badly.

But the pikes will manage to kill an infantry TUG, by chance the leftmost Nelly TUG and so a while flank will crumble and I will outflank most of the army . On the other end of the line a lucky shot on black dice by my cavalry on his nellies will break that TUG on charge and it will be the end of the Rajput army . It was a close thing and this time white dice did the job.

15-0 at the end of an enjoyable game with an enjoyable opponent .

Some pictures of RUEIL

The People's crusade army

So that's it

I enjoyed the army, the games and the tournament

I knew it was weak on terrain but having bought most of the miniatures to help the widow of a Belgian wargamer, I had decided to paint them and so use them :-)

Who know next time a mix of gentry ...or another mad army .

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