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REG TEST GAME St Valentine's massacre

So Huub's Dutch Republic army (1618 - 1648 ) would face a cossack (1630 - 1721 ). This time muskets, no arquebus and as before when firing only 'S' would pushback, 1 BW per 'S' result. Both armies have 6 bases infantry TUGs . The advantage of the dutch army is the salvo firing of it's infantry which makes attacking them difficult as they get a better shooting colour if charged ! The cossacks had a secret xeapon ..Tarass Boulba ( Yul Brynner ) as legendary CIC

The Dutch army had 4 veteran infantry TUGS ( sup ), 2 average INF TUG, some light artillery, , two dragoons TUGs, a veteran cuirassier TUG, 2 lancers TUGs ( armoured etc..; heavy ) and a reiter mounted shot unit . The command was instinctive. ( range 8 MU )

Tarass Boulba had 2 SUP cossack TUGs, 4 average one's , a plastun scout unit with HFP very good unit that shoots on a yellow dice when in short range , a large Tabor ( battlewagons ) , some light captured artilery, a registered cossack mounted unit ( sup ) and 4 mounted cossacks . Tribal command ( 6 MU ) but the mounted cossacks and the plastun are independant so they may receive orders from a distance without penalty if out of range. And they are scouts .

Both armies had 6 tokens for the 5 day campaing and 4 for scouting ! I outscouted the Dutch by 30 % . He had red, yellow, green, green and I had red, red,yellow and green !

Terrain was open but the cossacks being the agressors managed to choose a field with some rough terrain and an orchard . The terrain will be of importance .

As you can see, 2 rough grounds that will impact the game, an orchard occupoied by the dutch dragoons and 2 gentle hills . The cossarcks have posted the fearsome poor peasant militia on the hill protecting their flank

The dutch army deployed partially in checkerboard ( INF ). The lancers are in reserve ( as he was outscouted )

Some mounted cossacks ( on both flanks ) . Facing the rough terrain some cossack infantry in loose order one unit being a plastun unit that has HFP . Better firing dice and being independant easy to command .

The tabor or battlewagons

Preturn the scouts mat advance freely one white move before all moves so the cossacks and plastun advance

As do the left flank cossacks !

Under the protection of the cofee totam the cossack advance

On the flank the peasants go forward but due to black tokens the mounted cossacks just wait . The drgoons had to split but forgot that an orchard is no protection vs the artillery facing them .

On the other flank I went for the enemy cuirassiers and reiters .

Both armies are advancing towards each other. The tabor advances cautiously .

The dutch reinforces his right flank fearing the cossack superiorité in terms of firing ( he got 2 white dice and I 6 white dice mounted shooting having been downgraded ) but that means his left flank is now open to me .

Both armies have now deployed their battle lines and are a long range ( 5 MU for musket ) . the show can begin ! with the new pushed back system that battle line will remain more or less stable , some pushed back units being resent forward ! after some 3 or 4 turns, loses will begin to clear the battlefield as unit will begin to rout .

As said earlier his right flank is open . The dragoons cannot get out of the orchard as they fear the cossacks, the peasants are going straight fo the orchard will get interesting .

While lines in the center are stable, the pastun are going for a veteran dutch unit. The dragoons in the orchard have suffered from the artillery fire.

Playing skirmish on the other flank .

The turning of the flank and the impetuous peasants are in charge range.

The peasants went gloriously in ..this will be a long fight. He will be on red dice, me on white ..

This picture can be misleading . The dutch leftmost TUG can shoot only at the TABOR on black dice ( Tabor has barricade and so cover ) , but the Tabor shoots back on white dice. My 2 cossack tugs can unit firing vs the lone dutch INF TUG while he has to decide how to split his firing even helped by his ART .

meanwhile the battle rages on , the peasants doing nothing ( someone told me on white dice 50% chance of a hit ..well it did not work - in REG a 'S' is a wound in melee )

But the pastun have thinned a dutch TUG and the cossacks are getting in his rear .

The battleline remains more or less stable but bases are lost here and there .

So I went for it at short range in the center

And a dutch veteran TUG routed and one of my units was pushedback

Reorganisaing the lines but I got an advantage having one more fresh unit in support and the tabor still firing .

So what happens here is that the plastun will nearly kill the TUg that is to the front ( down to 3 bases and pushed back ) . The cossacks will get behind them . The dutch dragoons still fight the peasants who still managed no hits ....and we had to stop there .

On the other flank the situation was stable for me. I got the upper hand in the center and would have caused some problems to him here . Either the peasants would have broken the dragoons or I would have lost them, the dragoons would have pursued to face a fresh cossack unit waiting for them just at the bottom of the picture . So Huub concede the game .

I think that he completely forgot he could have dropped piques and go into the difficult terrain and still have the advantage in it ..being protected and superior but so it is.

I hope you enjoyed and will leave some nice comments .

Next week is MEG time

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