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REG TEST GAME Ottoman Turks 1621 vs Cossacks 1620

So another test for the renaissance ruleset that should be published this year. I used an Ottoman army based on the dreaded Janissaries and Huub did choose a mounted cossack army . Beware that as we do not have a cossack army, many proxis were used, even Napoleonic cossacks found their way to the renaissance battlefield.

I was easely outscouted 80 % by the cossacks and as we wanted to test the rules, I deployed in a long line . The battle must have happened not far from the dreaded Pripet marshes as some of those features appeared on the battlefield . ( difficult terrain ) . I had a protected flank ( river )

The Ottoman artillery is behind barricades. I deployed my janissaries and the azab in the open wanting to test how irregular infantry - the Azab - could be used . My intention was to use the marshes as a shield . I had not anticipated the 4 enemy dragoons units so deployed my exceptional janissary unit on my extrem left flank and decided to go for it in the marshes .

My 3 mounted units will have o be cautious is the guaridans of La porte ...a armoured sup unit

Cossack infantry behind barricades ( yes they are small I know ) and mounted cossacks with some futuristic napoleonic uniforms for some of them .

His dragoons holding the flank .

That is what I call artillery firing

Good gunners ..

So I went for the swamps, nice and healty for loose tribal infantry facing cavalry . Did you notice that on my left the cavalry went forward ..fearless people ! And the cossacks are now having a command problem, 17 TUGs is a lot to coordinate .

As you might notice, his dragoons are not 100% in the swamp ..nmy sup cavalry is feeling restless ..

A nice view of the battlefied, enjoy !

So my sup cavalry charges taking a loss while coming in but I am charging loose infantry in the open this a massacre ..

The cossack plan was to hold that flank ..mine to push

And he wants to put pressure on the other flank

My weak point, a large tribal azab unit . Not steady infantry that can hold the line but a numerous warband like TUG and "combat shy"

The big swamp is conquered by the ottomans . The janissaries were winning. I even launched the azab and the cossack segban ( dragoons ) will die.

My advantage was having protected units ( except the azabs and one mounted unit ) vs unprotected cossacks. My shooting was better as his mounted still uses mainly bow that are at a disadvantage vs protected TUGs.

Firing in the flank is a benefit . I had nothing to fear from the segban ( dragoons ) as they may not charge TUGs . they are a form of skirmishing infantry .

Pushing forward

meanwhile the cossacks do charge and ignore my shooting ...fearless plain people ! they should know when they are conquered !

Heavy fighting and shooting in the center but the cossacks went a bit too far and one of the flanks lies open . The massed azabs do hold but have already lost 2 bases .

another segban unit dying

We let the cossack infantry going for the artillery being curious as how such a unit behind barricades will fare. The answer is badly . But his cossacks in the center are dying .

A segban unit finds some jannissaries in the back ..

So end of the game . The cossacks lost 4 TUGS and the ottomans 1 TUG but the cossacks had many TUGS "damaged" to the point of near breaking . But we called an end to that test game . I hope you enjoyed reading that story. next week MEG and the return of the byzantines vs a surprise army .

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