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REG or Habsburg 1559-1609 meet the cossacks

So once again testing renaissance. This one would be interesting as we would put a regular heavy army vs some cossacks and we would test a slight modification of the rules . During firing phase, the 'S' result would cause a 1 BW pushback but not the wounds or the skulls. I may already tell you we enjoyed it !But due to lack of time ( our fault ) we could not finish the game .

So on the right side, the cossacks have deployed a long infantry line, all with polearms, arquebuses and bad smelling peasants ! Their mounted were concentrated on their right flank as an answer to me deploying some cavalry there. Some Tabor ( battlewagons ) are in the second line.

I deployed my civilised army with care. A first line of early P&S units ( very cumbersome to move ) alse equiped with arquebuses . In the middle, in a marsh ,a tercio in it ( after being trained in our colonies somewhere in Amazonia ) . I wanted to hold the flank and it was good enough . Some spanish elite manga deployed to the front . On my flank some reiters ( 6 bases ) , spanish elite gendarmes and cuirassiers ..a bit heavy for this cavalry but outnumered !

Ottomans pretending to be cossacks

A pretty long line

Cumbersome but civilised P&S units ( all moves cost one colour more to just move ) . In support some glorious poor militia to help recuperating wounds .

A tercio very logicaly deployed in water and mud . The spanish manga to the front . Their aim will be the cossack battery that can hurt me a lot ( dice upgrade vs all my infantry except the manga )

The guys with flags are the impetuous gendarmes

Cavalry will meet cavalry but I stayad outside charge range .

Did you see that long line

Well being invited to the bal, we accept the challenge and go forward to the greatest pleasure of the tercio ( see how big it is 16 bases )

Here we are shooting range ( 3 MU arquebuses ) I have two advantages, numbers ( 9 bases a TUG ) and rear support but what will happen it mus be quick i

Those are all testudo miniatures

During the shooting phase my reiters nearly destroyed a cossack TUG ( 2 skulls, a wound and a S ) for just a S to vs me ! He is bringing reiforcements and stayed put with his cossacks so my heavies go straight forward for a mad charge next turn ! it will be all or nothing as he is also coming for my flank with infantry .

The Manga will suffer or so I fear , 3 green dice and 3 white will be hell to pay

But meanwhile I charged and he fled with his sup cossacks but did roll a 1 for the middle TUG so I contacted him very happily in the back after his shooting that prooved inefficient


Now the shooting match . Blue tokens show were a 'S' result did push me back . I had few loses and inflicted more loses ( wounds ) to the ennemy .

The cossack line is still strongh

A point of rule that needs some working on . ART is now a TUG but we may move through it . So what happens when you cannot move through it ! The question is in the hands of Alasdair, master rules designer .We allowed the ART to remain where it is and not shoot .

Those cossacks are quickly running out of space !

The tercio is engaging the ennemy 16 bases vs 6

One more mounted cossack dead

What happened to our infantry shooting match . During my turn I managed to rebuild my line and we went back for another shooting round and he got the better this round . I have more loses now but he has nothing to heal his wounds so I would have come back once again to shoot and I could have won by numbers or not ! But the guess is it would have taken at best 2 more shooting turns for a total of minimum 4 gaming turns could easely be 5 or 6 ! till one TUG breaks ... On the left hand, his artillery was one wound from breaking ! so I had a slight advantage .

Last picture . What would have happened next is a guess but we went for the melee and his cossacks were still there . Another cossack unit facing the reiters and was locked in a firing match went poof ..odds are I would have turned the gendarmes ( they are drilled ) and would have been able to kill that cossack unit .

So the rule modification is positive for us .

Thanks for reading and sometimes leave a comment

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