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REG Another 30 year's war game Bavarian 1634 vs German Catholic 1634

As you can see a quite open terrain with an orchard occupied by some german grenzers . The german catholics did deploy in quite a long line, their right flank being lightly held by the grenzers, light artillery and some reiters reinforced by commanded shots , 2 lines of average P&S and a strongh demi-cuirassiers cavalry flank .

I deployed in the center my medium artillery on a gentle hill . In the village you can see on the right I have a unit of dragoons . My first line of infantry is average, the yellow unit is superior ans my second line of infantry is poor, unprotected P&S whose duty is to provide some rear support . Some of the red unit soldiers having drunk too much have fallen . Their NCO will make them join ranks soon .

A better look of the demi-cuirassiers

The german infantry

The bavarian right flank. I deployed to the front 2 reiter units and behing a kurassier superior unit and two demi-cuirassiers units each reinforced by commanded shots . It will slow me down but knowing my fellow player he will go forward .

The red drunken infantry have been realigned

My anchor in the village

The whole bavarian army .

I open hostilities . My reiter went forward and the heavy ennemy cavalry is coming

Well he is advancing . His first line is still intact as my firing was pretty bad ( 4 times blanco ). I fired with my medium ART overhead from my gentle hill . His artillery being light was out of range at the beginning of the game.

I also advanced but cautiously hoping for my artillery to do better .

Seing an Opportunity I advanced with my dragoons

Next turn what happened : my ART managed to repulse one of the enemy units so he reorganised his line and advanced his cavalry . But he overlooked the fact that I still had to move my infantry and my red unit is now in the flank of one of his demi-cuirassier unit just at the limit of the dreaded flank zone where close infantry is at a disadvantage ( see the red line on the mat on the right side ). I also advanced my army but what Huub did not know was that I had just received a horde of black tokens so my mobility was to be ..difficult !

The german lines and the coffee MUG

Enjoy another point of view . As you can see on the left side, the demi-cuirassiers are pushing and the reiters, shooting with green dice ...did nothing for 2 turns . Wooden tokens are command colors and the others are wounds ..;well there is only one visible . Hell will come !

The situation on the flank where all will happen

Did you say CHAAARGE ? my 2 rightmost units on the picture are reiters who will skirmish. My 2 other mounted are demi-cuirassiers with commanded shot .

So what happened is that my infantry did hurt his cavalry in the flank but he is still alive, on the right side one of his mounted was pushed back due to good shooting but not many wounds . In the center he engaged one of my Demi-Cuirassiers with 2 TUGs of Demi-Cuirassiers . I survived impact rather well

Due to shooting german lines got disordered more than the bavarian line and on the left side you can see I approach his artillery .

. I moved a demi-cuirassier TUG in his flank and the reiters try to stop another ennemy unit . I still have a SUP Kurassier TUG in reserve he has none .

My infantry prevailed and must not pursue .

My Demi-Cuirassier drop the commanded shot and charge the flank

he is in a bad shape and my reinforced TUG still resist facing 2 enmy TUGs . Well this time no Santa Claus day for HUUB !

Another view still same flank as nearly all happens there .

The end is near

All his units will break , but my reiters will have to face a difficult fight with ennemy Demi-Duirassiers and win only because he was one wound from breaking . And I only had to outflank his light artillery with some cavalry ..he was dead !

In the center ...some shooting and some loses .

My blue brigade went for the ART ...I was not supported but his ART was also a bit alone .

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