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REG 6 Gustavus 1631 meets Wallenstein 1631

Dernière mise à jour : 17 mai 2021

So this was another test game, we keep the "S" pushback rule, the mandatory checkerboard rule, the new "commanded shot rule or

Characteristic Commanded shot

1) Gives option to increase unit size to 6, 4 will still be available to allow player choice

2) In some lists (army list specific) the quality of the mounted will improve due to increased effectiveness with commanded shot.

3) The Mounted (It will be battle Cavalry specific in the lists) will gain Mounted Shot, generally afp but Swedes SFP and allows all bases to fire.

4) Limits unit maximum movement to 3 BW including when charging as based around the formations of foot.

5) Removes the +1 for enemy forces for having shot at impact when receiving a charge

If pushed back during a charge, it is from your starting line , not from 1 MU from the target,

As swedish player I went for a strongh infantry army or 2 SUP P&S + regimental guns, 2 AV P&S with regimental guns, 1 AV P&S and 1 poor, AFP, unprotected P&S , one medium ART behind barricades,one light ART, one karabynrittare, 2 swedish Latta Rytare, commande shot and 6 bases strongh each .

Wally came with his guard lancers, 2 UG of veteran kurassier, 2 UG of croat cavalry, one UG of reiters, a schutzen UG , a light ART, 2 veteran SUP P&S, 3 AV P&S UGs,

He won the outscouting, the initiative and decided to attack ! Terrain was cultivated , I managed to get a protected flank and put terrain on the other flank so the battlefield was on the center !

The swedish army is deployed on the left, Wally's imperialist on the right. We both deployed our cavalry behind the infantry except for wally's croats that wanted to play on the flank

Some woods and marsh + a vineyard ..

The yellow ( SUP ) and blue ( SUP ) brigades supported by an AV brigade and a poor brigade

My ART is concentrated in the center , some AV P&S on the flank , my main cavalry behind as being outscouted I wanted to know what he would do with his heavies,

The imperialist are ready, Wally's lancers in the middle or the cavalry ( red and yellow flag )

As the imperialist iNF comes for me, I answer !ART firing was very unsuccesfull

Imperialist schutzen are in the woods and I sent my reiters to play with them

The imperialist infantry advances and as you can see ART had no real impact .

From Wally's point of view

Gustavus is leading his brigades

The other flank

Ok I was lucky

After we fired

What happened here is that I charged the imperialist reiters and with shoot and charge + SFP did hurt the reiters who skirmished but did push the swedes back in line

The battle lines are ready and I feel Wally has underestimated the swedish infantry with it's SFP, shoot and charge + Elan ! I face an average UG + a SUP UG . On the right you can see the reiters and my P&S UG before the charge

A better view . My reiters do not really fear the schutzen in the woods as they will fire on black as I do, but the idea is to win time !

Now a word of explanation, The yellow brigade faces an AV P&S brigade, I will charge, shoot on YELLOW dice ( 3 ) and a white one ! he will loose a base and shoot to stop me but his whooting will be ampered by his loses and I have Gustavus nearby that will easely push the UG trough fire with a yellow token ( 2 S results ) and at impact the AV UG wil suffer and die at melee . The blue brigade charges a SUP imperialist veteran UG but shoot and charge + SFP will take a toll and the blue brigade will have the upper hand ! I also have rear support

After melee, the yellow brigade sees another target and the SUP imperialist on the right side is fighting the blue brigade . The question we did sent is can the imperialist juicy target give rear support to it's friendly SUP P&S UG .

My ART finally did hurt his P&S UG after some very indecicive shooting (rear support can do miracles )

So will we see the heavies come to me ?

The blue brigade wins and pursues only to face a wall of iron

The croats are finally there and my cavalry finaly moves

My first line did pursue and as you can see the second line struggles to give support . the yellow brigade once again did the job and killed the AV P&S UG , I love shoot and charge, SFP, SUP, Elan ...

The heavy brigades come in, I shoot to receive them in style and I will survive impact as P&S are quite strongh

meanwhile the yellow brigade is ready

On the other flank it was time to come to grip and so I had advances my AV P&S relying on the SFP, shoot and charge to soften his SUP and it worked..I also did charge his reiters . I had good dice .

Both imperialist Ugs will just die . The swedes are a very agressive army but a costly one .

The blue brigade holds the line and kills the heavies

The end of the battle

The croats under pressure

Now we had no beautifull cavalry charges. Wally explained that he had hoped to soften my P&S enough for his heavies to smash me but it did not work .

Now we had not tested the "commanded shot" so we engineered the situation for it

Good shooting and so a possibility ? But never can you stop a charge as it is easy enough to bolster the charging UG to contact

After impact

After melle turn one

My guess is that One kurassier Ug would possibly die as 2 swedish Ugs ..all in the dice as the imperialist are on yellow and the swedish on white

Hope you like it

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