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Mousquets et Tomahawks the awakening

After many years I finally had my first game of M&T ( second edition ) . I had the first edition, many miniatures painted but never managed to play one game.

Thanks to Bart and Maarten I managed a first game today , 500 points each and I played a French force. Huub would also attend on the british side.

1 line officer and 1 Franches Compagnies officer

2 X 10 line infantry

2 X 8 franches compagnies, one being veteran

1 group of 6 Indians with long rifles

We were testing a campaign and as I also discovered the rules, Maarten would be my opponent and guide into the rules,

Due to campaign circumstances our battle was a meeting engagement, dawn and/or fog

We had to control 2 out of 3 objectives,

From memory Maarten had a force based on irregulars, ferocious Indians and some regulars so he had more cards than I .

The battlefield. On the left hand road the british regulars will enter. Opposing them I sent the franches-compagnies infantry and the Indians

A better view of the scots and other regulars

I decided to have my line infantry enter along the other road hoping to have enough open terrain to be able to fire while in close order. Not knowing the rules, it was a bet

I had painted them sometimes around 2011 or 2012

Ferocious Indians and rangers will oppose my line infantry

everyone is ready

So my Indians moved a lot and I am advancing towards the objectives

I want that crossroad

And the line infantry is to protect the other side of the road and prevent the british to outflank me with their Indians and rangers

Indians and rangers using the cover

Other rangers in cover and facing my line that is in the open

Meanwhile the scots, the line infantry and some rangers are going for the crossroad and the objective I hold for now

The rangers fired at my line and killed a Frenchman. My line will end shaken

My Indians fired back and hitted the ferocious Indians killing one of them with some unexpected results . The ferocious Indians rolled a 1 and went back in disorder .. allied to the british but cautious

Some more firing exchanges but the pwder was wet . No results even on firepower 4+

So what happens here is that my reduced line unit will try a volley fire toward the rangers in the woods, roll 3 kills and the unit will flee and disappear ( as did before them the ferocious indians who earlier had failed to recover from their fright )

A lucky draw of cards enabled me to go quickly forward and block a second objective. The draw had already given 2 of the 3 clocks and if I managed to hold the second objective when the 3rd clock would be drawn, I would win the game.

And the first card that was drawn was the last clock, so I won the game more out of luck than anything else,

A very nice first game ( a game is always nice when you win even if out of pure luck) and thank you to Maarten and Bart for organising this game. I will play it more often.

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