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MEG : Qin meet Thaï

Testing new armies, Martin wanting to test a first Thai army version while I used a Qin one,

A very open terrain with some swamps . The outscouted Thaï army deployed the nellies in the center while the Qin concentrated their best infantry units on their left flank and shooty mounted on the right. The basic plan was simple : kill the flanks and hope the center would hold .

The first Qin shooting devastated the thaï cavalry

So the flank was nearly open

Manoeuvring around the enemy,

The Qin sup infantry supported by the skilled crossbows advance cautiously ( left flank )

Nellies divisions are coming screened by skirmishers

Killing the nellies from far away and sending some tribal qin infantry to pin the enemy

Now the flank is open

Meanwhile on the other fronts

The SUP DC + polearm charging AV SP infantry and I rolled a skull to begin with

On the other flank the qin chariotry charges in the flank of some thaï infantry

And it was successful

next unit ( those DC chariots did a massacre )

Near the end

The nellies will make a partial flank charge vs the Qin infantry and finaly break that TUG but the thaï army will lose the other flank and be broken 15-2 for the Qin

Martin found out that he needs to coordinate his army better. But to be honest it was a very first try with a very first composition. next time it will be much more difficult,

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