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IWC 2024 Heavy Knights and Nimble Archers

IWC or International Warlord's Challenge is the main MEG event in Belgium ( which I organise ). This year's theme was : Theme  :  Heavy knights and nimble horse archers or Frankokratia + Ghengis + Crusade + House of  Osman + Ostiedlung +Holy Roman Empire ( that one minus 5620 list  . Also in that book - Holy Roman Empire - No onemay use a middle Swiss ally and no ally contingent may use pikes TUGs)

Being the organizer I decided to use an unusual army which I believe was never played in tournaments and in a more conventional theme would be quickly putted back on the shelves.

Themes do have a huge impact on the armies that will be fielded,

Here no or very few power bows, no pikes, no elephants so more room for not so conventional armies,

20 players did register + one "reservist"

That's my army and it would surprise me

My first game was vs Bruno's Timurid

I had deployed the french knights on my right, PB in the center and hungarians on the left

Nedless to say, outscouting was not in my favour

On my far right the Wallachians and some local bowmen try to protect the flank

The Timurid army began a strange dance all going towards their left flank and going for the weak Wallachians

Having a fight/game would be difficult

So I tried to have a fight but the Hungarian lords decided to be slow

I told myself what the hell. I organise . I do not care to win or to loose so let's go for it and give the timurid visitor a game not a circus

The Walalchians are gloriously holding the flank ...for now

Finaly the Hungarians advanced, my power bow UG went madly forward to be faced by an expendable mounted UG and some cavalry as well

The Wallachians were asking: where is the cavalry we need help

The picture is not clear but here it ended with melees a bit everywhere. stonishingly the powers bows did not manage a single hit with yellow and green dice, nor white in meless nothing and so died .

The Hungarian and French knights did manage to kill some mounted timurids

The game ended 8-8 well I survived with a strange army . But the Timurid strategy of going around as a circus was strange indeed . I should read Vegetius once more .

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