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Wally's Imperialist are facing a 1640 Polish army ! The very professionnal Wallenstein's led army did slightly outscout the Polish army .

The Imperialist army was led by

Wally himself ( Legendary no less sir ), a talented Pappenheim and an unknown competent sub.

He had his personnal guard lancers and 2 sup cuirassiers UGs, 3 light croat and reiters mounted, all scouts, some veteran P&S ( 2 UG ), some regulars P&S ( 2 UG) , some raw recruit P&S ( 2 UG , poor unprotected and LFP ) and 2 light guns batteries .

The Polsih did sent a talented general with a unpronoucable name ( instinctive ) helped by 3 competent ones, impronouncable names .

There were of course some Hussars ( 1 exceptionnal UG and 2 SUP , A Pancerni UG ( light armoured cavalry ) , a cossack and a tatar UG . 3 mercenaries P&S UGs with regimental ART, 2 cossack UGs, a dragoon UG and a light artillery battery .

The sly polish general having "ambushed" the Imperialist ( skull for initiative) went for terrain and managed to have a nice vineyard in the middle .

The pancerni light cavalry ( Legio Heroïca )

Initial deployement and there will be 2 different battles. The guys with all the pennons are the Hussars. Blue ones are exceptionnal .They face the cuirassiers . On the flank a nice vineyard that interest no one .

In the middle a charming vineyard, the cossacks thinking they might find some wine hidden there choose to be to the front of it as did the dragoons . On the opposite side some average P&S imperialist UGs.

Protected flank : the polish did deploy 3 P&S UG with artillery and were faced by the imperialist veterans and recruits + the 2 imperialists ART ' light )

Polish hussars, QR miniatures ( flags also QR ) many different poses . Lurkio size

Polish Hussars Legio Heroïca bigger than QR . Flags are QR

By fire and sword polish Hussars ( bigger that Legio Heroïca .

Ready ?

The polish intention is to clear the way with the "light" cavalry . One big advantage is that the tatars have bows and the imperialist light cavalry is unprotected so the tatars shoot on GREEN ! they are on the extrem right flank ( left on the picture )

Cossack infantry ( By fire and sword on the left and QR on the right )

Imperialist are ready

The imperialist veterans with ART . They aim for the camp .

Cavalry is manoeuvring

The imperialist advance. What do bother us in the rules as they are now is that light ART can follow the assault at a low mobility cost ( 2 MU instead of 3 MU ) . It is discussed on the beta test forum .

They are coming

Fearless cuirassiers and with the flags the "lancers" ..proxi

The croats are coming

And who goes in the vineyard ?

So the imperialist decided to charge ( a huge mistake we discussed later ) . The polish did also charge the croats with their exceptionnal hussars, received confidently with the pancerni, fled with the cossacks and skirmished with the tatars who failed to retreat far enough and got caught . But the imperialist light brigade had charged without the support of the heavies .

Just before impact

Impact by the exceptionnal hussars

A little bit latter ..

So the imperialist cuirassiers are coming but the polish hussars are busy outflanking ome croats and guess what ..those croats on black dice will inflict 2 wounds to the hussars !

But the croats have to pay the price !

But those guys are coming ...

Meanwhile the too slow INF attack is coming in . Part of the imperialist INF is protecting the flank as the polish cossacks went in the vineyard, did not find wine bottles so just continue the fight .

So here back to the cavalry battle ! the cuirassier managed to break the pancerni rather quickly ( I hate skulls when it is not me who rolls them ) but having had to pursue are now outflanked by a hussars UG ( I do love drilled guys when they are on my side ) . The cossacks from the cover of the vineyard do shoot happily on the P&S UG at short range .

That is what I call a flank charge ..the UG already had a wound + a wound for the flank attack is toasted

The polish are clearly winning the cavalry battle thanks to the rashness of Pappenheim that did sent his cavalry a bit too quickly forward..did you notice that the imperialist lancerUG fighting the exceptionnal hussars ( blue flags ) is now outflanked on both flanks ?

and so it happens

But Pappenheim stil goes on

The cossacks are now pushing the imperialist UG that has it's back to a wall . So what happens if pushed back as it has a wall/barricade in the rear . We decided for a KAB ( caused by disorder ) and it is being discussed on teh forum.

Preparing to receive

A very unusual result ! the commander did panic and the UG did fall back 5 MU in panic before being reorganised under the protection of the militia back up ..It will go in history books as the miracle of the unkown battle .

The shooting match was more favourable for the polish side ! God was polish that day !

Manoeuvring but clearly the imperialist last hurrah

Imperialist cavalry last moments, outnumbered, outclassed ( polish hussars are steady ), outgunned by tatars bow ..both UG will just die

The end of the imperialist army as a P&S UG just died

A good game that is a test . Please do leave a nice comment, say you like it and next week is MEG again, as we need time to see what Alasdair wants us to test for REG !

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