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Athens the final draw and Julius Caesar Ray Salad and his most famous LRR and 8 exceptional visitors

That one would be a nightmare, once again LRR. How I wish that during some tournaments I would not meet twice the same lists ..

Now Ray and his greedy Caesar would be very difficult to fight as terrain will be open, the Xth legion is there being fully upgraded to 8 bases , fresh and never beaten. So I would need to be very inventive.

Basically a very open ground . The romans by 8 are average except for the Xth that is hiding in the middle of the roman line. The SUP and by 6 . The numidians were sent on the right flank hoping to roll enough wounds to kill someone and I tried to delay the left flank but knew it would be a had thing to do .

Julius Ray Caesar looking perplexed and he drinks water

So the shooting begins ...rather unefficiently

But things got better on the other flank

Italian veterans, gallic tribal mercenaries are waiting facing a certain Xth legion and their SUP friends coming in

My shooting started to be much more efficient but I did not get cards enough to really face the romans

The lybian veterans are going in towards the dreaded Xth legion which is perhaps overextended

I will not be able to avoid the battle very long

So what happened on my numidian flank is thee I killed his average tUG which killed my numidian cavalry .

In the center I had to try to kill the Xth so gallics, citizens all rushed in to fight the Xth and the SUP cohort supporting it . It nearly worked but caesar 5 cards always got a marvelous red card sthat healed wounds o the Xth held but it is said it was never so near disaster

Now on the right flank, a desesparate charge on the nellies worked rather well as at impact and a long melee it broke trough a 8 bases average roman cohort, pursued to a SUP cohort that was already seriously weakened and so on killing romans ..I had managed to kill 4 roman TUGS and needed one more so last round we both needed to kill one more TUG to win the game. My shooting failed ..his Xth legion did not fail at melee game over 15-8

All in all good games but I feel the point system does not make for balanced armies. The Zama army was a good experience even if it is a weak army compared to others. Still very happy to end 7th as I did not expect such a "success" with such a weak army .

Still enjoyable games, nice opponents whom I thank for the nice games .

Next it will be the comeback of Tibetans, but the heavy tribal version a very difficult one to "manoeuver"

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