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Athens Reckoning second game

So now after a first test I was to play Panos and his Khitan-Liao mobile army.

So I managed to slightly outscout him but terrain was much to open to suite me . I was surprised by his use of chinese infantry and two units of expendables. I deployed my infantry in one long line knowing it would put some of my TUGs out of the battle but he would either have to go for them or around them

My byzantine ally on my left flank was just reliable but very slow moving so I lost invaluable time

He came with his heavy cavalry fully equipped ordo cavalry all mounted polearm . I faced them with my best light horse and some vandal refugees + steady infantry

The byzantines were definitely very slow ( lots of black and white tokens )

My shooting was good

I did engage his mounted with my foot . On green vs his average and white vs his superior .

The byzantines managed to kill an enemy TUG

The game will end 15 points for me as the combined force from my infantry and DC + shooty skirmishers would kill enough enemy UGS . I do not remember my loses sorry .

So a clear win.

My opinion is that his army composition did help my victory. Too much infantry and a lack of mounted shooters.

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