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Athens Reckoning day 2

Now I was to face Nikolaos and his viking heavy infantry army

I out scouted him easily. He had surprised me by putting a village in the middle of the center while having no unit in loose order - except for a bowmen TUG he would keep far away -

So I did sent my best light cavalry ( skilled shooters ) quickly forward

The vandal refugees waiting far behind but reliable

Byzantine deserters on the other flank and massed infantry . I planned to rush forward but for 2 turns would have the small black and white problem with my legendary CIC ( with an occasional green )

The viking line is manoeuvring and so creating possible gaps

The byzantine will try to soften the incoming huscarls

Même pas peur

As you can see on the upper right, my best light horse is taking a toll and the viking battle line is a bit disorganised ( from my point of view )

My shooty cavalry is doing it's job

Facing me some fearsome berserkers

The last picture as we will be very busy afterwards. The Byzantines will manage to kill the infantry by shooting accurately and charging . The Huscarls facing my infantry will be hard to kill but a legendary CIC will help + numbers on my side so they will die and while pursuing + KAB test for multiple routs and burst through the bowmen will also die .

In the center, battles will be mostly inconclusive even if I will loose a TUG but on the right flank, my shooters will kill the bondi and a huscarl TUG so I will a the very end of the game kill his army for 15 points to me. I think he got 2 points .

A hard battle I won because I am shooty and the vikings had nothing to counter me.

At one time during the game I lost my temper and do apologise to Nikolaos

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