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Dernière mise à jour : 4 juin 2023

Finaly the very first EMEGC I would not organise and so could take part freely. As the theme enabled me to use the EAP Rpyal army I decided to invade Greece . here is the list

I had reinforced my mounted, taking into account the fact that I might face more heavy infantry opponents in plains and wanted to be more mobile and be able to delay them. For a biblical tournament I was to face mostly infantry battle armies, not shooty ones ! How strange no Hittites, no NKE, no Mittani , .

First I would meet Panos and his rather numerous Highland raiders or 24 TUGS and SUGS .

He was rather lucky to place a forest or woods right in the middle . The only terrain that would annoy me and ruin my first plan as I would have some difficulties shooting him to death.

Also if I expected him to have a LS ally, I had forgotten he could also make use of internal ally LS. Which gave him 5 LS TUGS to deploy on each side of the forest and block me .

Yes my cavalry had to face some allied LS protected on both flanks by terrain.

A delaying flank

My army does seem small

Going to delay the massed warriors and subject LS

Creating some havoc and hoping for his command structure to go thin on good cards but even his mediocre general would just continue with good colours till the end

Skirmishing and using delaying tactics

On the other flank I advanced in the swamp with the immortals ,shot at his infantry with my mounted ( unprotected but shield cover ) . His skirmishers died but won some time .

I finaly rolled a ONE when skirmishing and would die

The game would end 8-4 in my favour

I had lost too much time with all his skirmishers and managed to kill 2 of his LS TUGS + 2 SUGS on my left flank and he caught one of the Iranian mounted and killed it. In the end I would have won, or so I believe but it takes pretty long time to kill such an army .

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