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Athens EMEGC day 2

Sunday morning. Civil war as I was to face the other Early Achaemenid Persian Royal army. Ahura Mazda would decide who would win but one certainty : a persian high king would win

I knew our army designs where pretty dissimilar as my fellow player had gone for more infantry while I had privileged mounted warfare with infantry support. He would still have an exceptional mounted TUG, a superior one and I knew he had chosen a 6 base Iranian cavalry one while I had gone for 2 TUGs of 4 .

I got lucky can't remember if I was attacker or not , and I outscouted him. Also I did take some mountainous terrain that I putted on his side and was surprised when he did the same but completely closing the center with mountains and rough terrain but on his side ! So where would his cavalry go .

His Iranians in the center , sparabara with on the extreme left of the picture some immortals

More immortals and his cavalry in a box

Facing that flank my mounted arm. The basic idea was to tempt him to come and go if possible with my exceptionals

My sparabara infantry is deployed next to my cavalry and the skilled immortals a bit further away. I counted on the fact that he would be reluctant to go down and out of the mountain, me having a certain advantage in cavalry . But I would have to go in with my mounted. I would put pressure on the other flank and threaten his camp with my immortals

The bal is open. I stay out of bow range . He will be reluctant to advance for a long time. Me too as some unexpected developments will occur on my right flank .

The infantry advances slowly

Unexpected opening, the average Iranian mounted advances where I can move my drilled immortals and shoot with 7 green dice ..

Still waiting

The Iranian cavalry died ( it took two shooting phases ) now the door of his left flank is open .

still waiting

Now manoeuvring the skilled immortals to shoot in the flank of average sparabara on green dice . I know his other sparabara TUG will also shoot at my unprotected side but 2 white dice I can do with it and my flank will soon be covered by the superior applebearers

Trying to tempt him to come

Outflanked, outgunned his frontline starts to crumble. On the right side he will charge my applebearers and die

So he decided to go for it and it would quickly degenerate in a big melee. I will offer him my 2 Iranian TUGS who will first skirmish or stand depending on the charge and keep his 2 best cavalry TUGS busy while I kill enough TUGS to win a 15-4 !

A good game. I think my fellow player made 2 mistakes : he putted too much terrain on his side and he really did offer me his Iranian cavalry TUG which was the opening I needed .

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