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Ambiorix legendary Akkad empire meets some mid-republican Romans

Dernière mise à jour : 4 mai 2021

So a second game for Ambiorix who tested a biblical army ( many proxi's but also some of the Z range from Museum Miniatures the beginning of a new army ) . Huub was testing his new army design a Mid-Republican with Attalid Pergame ally . The MEG Prophet being the referee. I would be fair depending only on how they would pay me in beers ! none offered beers so I was fair .

On the left a quite large Akkad army with Late sumer ally and on the right the roman legions who feel a bit ...smallish . the terrain far far away is just rough terrain . Veteran players may criticise deployment but keep in mind that it was a first test for both as they did discover their armies . As it happens often with such test games remained unfinished due to social dicussion about the rules !

So some 9 bases tribal LS, some 6 bases LS , carts, prot-chariots, guard axemen, skilled bowmen ..15 TUGS ( next army he will build 16 TUGS ) but fragile to shooting so meeting unshooty romans might help unless in melee !

A strange mix to hold the flank some akkad protcarts, an ally cart, an ally spearmen, ally guard sup melee expert, akkad spearmen all under 2 different commanders might get and will get confusing

the roman army

The pedites as forward UG strange ...By the way the camp is fortified

Akkad comes forward they have numbers

Some manoeuvring on the flank the shooty roman cavalry going forward the allied lancers taking their time

Enjoy the miniatures in the center the Z akkad miniatures

The pedites did go out of the way and the romans are starting to move as well

Both armies are manoeuvring

Sumerian cart charging the roman cavalry that will just skirmish away

nearly got to a fight

The lancers are ready now

Akkad meets rome

The Attalid ally is more prudent ( the general is far away with his lancers )

The Attalid lancers attack the SUP carts

A narrow escape for the numidians

The carts do resist ( famous white dice strategy )

Ready ?

And so it begins ( Babylon 5 )

Akkad skilled shooters are ready but the romans are going for it ( red on impact and melee might help, Akkad relies on shooting and white dice strategy )

The lancers will kill the chariotry

Skilled akkad shooters in a deadly fight vs a sup romand legion ! a bit difficult for them

So ends the big battle. In melee the romans had yellow dice ( when not red ) but TUGs of 5 vs some of 9 ..well I believe the romans were slowly having the upper hand due to better command and winning on both flanks with drilled UGs but we will never know !

I hope you enjoyed , next 2 battles will have an end and will be published shortly : Akkad vs New kingdom Egyptian ( well he asked for such game) and Mid Rep Romans vs Early Seleucid

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