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ACROPOLIS MAY 2024 First day part two

The Aragonezes' hosts rides again and I will face Panos who uses the "same" army. I was given the choice between facing Ioannis and his Chinese crossbowmen or face civil war. I rolled a dice and it was civil war but our armies were different.

His highness Panos is planning his moves

A not very subtle deployment. I had managed to outscout him and anchor part of my army in woods as he has some crossbowmen. I also tried a news approach mixing jinetes and fleet of foot almughavars

As you can see I had a protected flank and held it with one almughavar TUG with one competent general . Facing my right were some almughavars and crossbowmen with skirmishing archers .

This was going to be very direct and bloody

So jinetes vs jinetes mine being Cantabrian his not. I used one almughavar TUG to sponge his SUP knights and let my SUP knights military order charging his AV knights

And here is the end of the line of the knights. You can see on the bottom left an arrow and that was my flank charge. He had tried to outflank me but did it in a way that let me also charge him in the flank and had forgotten that I was next phasing player . So that SUP knight TUG would charge first and hit him in the flank , roll 4 red dice and roll 4 skulls . I had sent a small AV knights TUG to block his own military order TUG so he could do nothing aboutmy charge.

What will happen next is that that flanking charge will continue destroying 3 TUGS by rolling endlessly skulls and so the legend of my lick will continue till they will meet the leftmost TUG with"only" one base and not kill that TUG which will die later during melee also being skulled

During pursue I would impact his crossbowmen that were supporting the "broken flank and had an open road to his camp so with his knights being broken Panos decided to concede the game so 15-0. Had we played one or 2 more turns it could have been 15-3 as he could have broken one of my AV TUGS and one jinetes but that's another story as he surrendered

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