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A MEG démo at LIGNY

We were invited for a demo during a Napoleonic POW tournament

I used a Yuan Dynasty army ( done in a rush ) and Faced Martin's samurai army full of long spears, power bows and the like

I managed to outscout him but went for a too open terrain as I had underestimated the number of powerbows I would face with my army .

We also agreed that as it was a demo, we would not just stay where we were but go for it and have a battle

I had massed my cavalry on one flank, the second line being the unprotected mongols but first line being SUP and Guard with the hope to crush the samurai Murakami allies.

My second line could move and protect the flank and shoot but I was faced by a lot of PB, mounted, SUP.... they would shoot on yellow while I would shoot on white+

The samurai are deployed. Lots of SUP in that army but no exceptionnals

My right flank is protected by poor units, one being combat shy . The infantry in the center is a bit more resilient. Guards and regulars, SUP and average .

All his allies are confident and my generals are not well provided in tokens but I advance

Protecting the flanks. here Martin will hesitate too long to crush my poor polearms infantry . I think he should have gone for it with his SUP mounted but he preferred shooting on green and he was afraid of the crossbowmen ( poor combat shy but experienced shooters )

My elite forces are ready

I just advanced on my weak flank really wondering why he did not attack but retreated

His SUP cavalry is being supported by SUP skilled PB samurai and experienced bow ashigaru but he wants to wait

The fight is heavy ( sorry we were busy and some phases were not recorded for posterity )

He has engaged my infantry and the fight is deadly on both sides

But my elite cavalry has crushed his Murakami ally and now turns to save the center

and so I will start rolling up his line breaking one TUG after the other but he will manage to kill my guard infantry and the regular infantry

My poor TUGs will also both break but I will kill another of his tugs just on time so it will be 15-8 in my favour .

Had he be more daring on my weak flank I think he could have easily won the game

Anyway a funny demo a fun game

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